6 Tips for Quickly Creating Blog Posts

blog quickMost likely, you will already have a method for creating posts for your blog. Enhancing your productivity with techniques that make your posts relevant and timely is, however, always beneficial. Your audience reads your blog in order to get information that matters to them and advances their knowledge. This means the content needs to be specific and time sensitive. Posting something about, say, the rise of Amazon is not relevant to your readers unless you include new information or analysis and stay ahead of the curve.

Use these tips to stay ahead of the game.

1. Research

Research is always a key driver for the trust your audience exhibits in you. The inclusion of incorrect or out-of-date facts will be called out in the comments section, making you appear disingenuous at best and stupid at worst. Many people have grown tired of reading blogs that are just baseless rants. The ones people come back to are those that have fact-based information and well informed opinion.

2. Routine

Even if you don’t post every day it is worth setting aside a regular time to write something. It can be as long or short as the subject demands. This practice sets a behavior that allows you to develop an internal alarm clock and budget your time accordingly. You also get the opportunity to examine what you wrote before it is out there in the wide world.

3. Proofreading

This is not just about typos and spelling errors. It’s about making sure you are making sense and conveying the message you intend. This eliminates time-wasting revisions and confusion on the part of your readers. A few minutes spent proofreading is worth hours sorting out problems later on.

4. Stay on Target

Focus your research on a specific subject so you don’t waste time blogging about something that you don’t have expertise in or that will not interest or increase your audience. An informed and targeted blog will get far more notice than a general blog that is like a readers’ letter page from a newspaper. If you have a fashion blog, keep your focus on fashion, regardless of whether you have found a new announcement about your field or a cool new gadget. If it doesn’t fit with your theme don’t include it. Time is also a target factor, and if you are posting some breaking news, you want to beat your competitors to the punch.

5. Improve Your Typing

Time spent typing slowly and correcting errors negatively affects publishing speed. Mistakes always happen, but there is a real benefit to keeping your skills at a high level. There are always methods out there to improve your typing. The Mavis Beacon programs help advance typing skills at most levels.

6. Record Your Ideas

People come to your blog to read your views and ideas. Therefore, it is well worth keeping recording devices with you at all times. It doesn’t matter whether it is a pad and pen, an app on your smartphone or a word document on your tablet or laptop — when inspiration strikes you can record it. A cupboard of ideas allows you to keep content coming without time taken away for brainstorming. It also allows you to refine ideas and concepts on the move.

Quality is an important consideration when it comes to writing blog posts. However, focusing on high quality posts doesn’t mean you can’t also improve your speed. Use these six tips to make your blog posts more timely and relevant for your readers.

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Adrienne Erin is a blogger and internet marketer who offers Washington DC SEO services. She believes blogging is one of the most important things you can do for your search engine ranking, and has enjoyed being able to write all about this constantly-changing industry.

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  1. Evergreen points ‘to be noted’ for bloggers of all levels. Also Timely advice for newbie bloggers who were eager to get and retain followers from their respective niches.

  2. This is great advice for a newbie blogger. Getting into a routine is probably the hardest part of blogging.

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