SEO-Friendly Tips on Choosing Your Next Website Designer

Website development and design can be a bit too complicated, especially to those with no previous experience in programming. This is why web developers offer their services to those who want to have not just a professionally designed and eye catching website, but one that will also have a high ranking in search engine queries. However, one must be very careful when hiring website developers as some will completely ignore search engine optimization in favor of creating a flashy and visually attractive web design. While it may be pretty to look at, design is not the main factor when it comes to search engine rankings. As SEO specialists have clearly stated, “Content is King”.

Flash may be an impressive addition to any website, but it should not be the developer’s main focus. Be cautious with web developers that seem to think that flash is the only important element in web developing. Flash animation does absolutely nothing to increase a website’s rating, and the huge bandwidth needed to display one can reduce the website’s loading speed to a crawl.

Web developers must also include the right amount of backlinks in the website. Web designers who have an affinity for overusing images may also not bode well for the website’s search engine rankings. Remember that keywords in anchor text are one of the most vital pieces in SEO. Finding the middle ground between artistic design and functionality is the best way to approach SEO development. A webmaster who has no idea in how an organized HTML code looks like may find some difficulty with this issue. A sloppy web developer that creates intangible HTML code is the worst kind. Not only is it unprofessional, the website will also suffer greatly from this as a messy code can exclude it from search results because search engines have difficulty reading the codes.

JavaScript, like Flash, is another thing that search engines are not very fond of. Sites that overuse JavaScript, especially a JavaScript that has not been encoded properly will totally leave that site hanging in the wind. Web developers must also be aware that over-optimizing a website is just as worse, maybe in more than an under optimized one. Keyword stuffing of the content can land the website in hot water and be labeled as using “black hat SEO” tactics which can lead to a permanent ban on search engines.

Developing an SEO-friendly website is a must for any webmaster, and finding the right web developer for the job is just as important. Always check the portfolio of the developer and look at some of the sites they have previously worked on. It appears that when it comes to advertising a website, all traditional rules in advertising go out the window. Many website owners and developers would attest that SEO is the main driving force in search engine ratings and the higher the ranking the better chance of being discovered by users which equals to better web traffic and that is the quality of a successful website.

About the Author:
Sandie McGrey has been in Search Engine Optimization industry for 10 years. Her inspiration to succeed is Eric Schiffer. At present, she works as an SEO Manager in New Jersey.

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7 Responses to SEO-Friendly Tips on Choosing Your Next Website Designer

  1. CityGirl in a Small Town says:

    ‘over-optimizing a website is just as worse, maybe in more than an under optimized one’


    An informative piece – but never underestimate the importance of a good editor…

  2. Larry says:

    Great article, content is definitely king when it comes to SEO. Iv been in the internet marketing industry for a while now and from my experience you must have good content. Also Google are coming down hard on us with all the updates now, so you should always be careful when it comes to your backlink strategy.

    Nice post

  3. bella says:

    I’ve been running websites for 5 years now, and have tried numerous developers and seo professionals.

    Sadly I’ve found that unless you’re planning to pay absolute top dollar, it’s invariably better to just learn yourself and go it alone.

    Of course, if you have the money to spend, get the best you can afford, but failing that, don’t expect anyone to love, or understand, your business like you do.
    It just won’t happen.

  4. Tony Croft says:

    Hi Sandie, thanks for the post. I’ve been looking at our sourcing web designers from India, just to increase income generating methods as its cheaper. How do you recommend finding reliable and qualified web designers to fulfil needs of designing a website sufficiently, when anyone can put a landing page up and claim to design sites?

    More directed to the post, is simplicity always best for SEO? Can it be beaten?

  5. Noor says:

    Good article and I totally agree with your point about using Flash for designing websites, but can you give any evidence of Javascript having a negative effect on SEO?

    Frankly, I haven’t seen any difference with or without JavaScript. If it is poorly written and doesn’t allow search engines to crawl the text on the website then it’s another matter, but generally almost all websites use JavaScript to some extent.

  6. “Finding the middle ground between artistic design and functionality is the best way to approach SEO developmet”

    That’s a great point!

    With Google’s now capable Flash crawling algo had answered some concerns here, but still there’s long way to go

  7. William Day says:

    This article was as if you were reading my mind lol. I’m glad I found it before I spend too many hours watching youtube videos. I do know that providing consistent, quality content is important and I was looking on how I could build quality link as well. I’ve developed a few relationships from Linkedin that have proved to be wonderful, so I agree with you 100% about how important it is to build relationships. You only need a few really good ones Thanks so much for the wonderful advice and I’ll be joining your list.

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