Be More Productive with Gmail Notifier

Gmail NotifierLet’s face it – Google has done a great job with Gmail. It’s simple, clean and fast. Checking email couldn’t be any easier… or, can it?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get easier to manage your Gmail account, there’s this software called Gmail Notifier. It makes managing your Gmail accounts, a breeze. I say “accounts” because it allows you to manage up to 5 Gmail accounts with a single log in. Many of us who work online, have multiple Gmail accounts, and it sometimes can be a pain to log in and out of each account.

Now, you can focus on your task at hand, instead of worrying about checking emails. Gmail Notifier automatically checks your email every 2 minutes to see if you have any new emails. If a new email comes in, it will alert you with a sound or tray icon. It’s non-intrusive on your desktop or tablet, and helps you to stay on top of your busy schedule.

Here are the key features of Gmail Notifier:

  • Counter of unread emails
  • Sound and tray icon alerts
  • Read email headers and body
  • Delete emails or mark as read
  • IMAP connectivity over SSL
  • Fast and easy Gmail login
  • Support for multiple accounts
  • Support for UTF-8 emails
  • Support for mailto links
  • Support for Google Apps
  • Attachment indicator
  • 100% spy and spam free
  • Auto version updates
  • Make window topmost
  • Run at startup

Currently, it is compatible with 3 Google services: Gmail, googlemail and Google Apps.

Best of all, Gmail Notifier is a freeware. You can download it here.

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