How to Use Twitter Effectively

Twitter IconAs one of the top social networks, Twitter can be extremely beneficial in promoting your business as long as you know how to use it properly. A Twitter brand page appears prominently in the search engines for a branded search and many people will check out company social profiles in addition to the company website to find more information. Twitter has millions of users, but you don’t even have to be a Twitter member in order to see public Twitter feeds. You never know who could stumble upon your Twitter profile which is why it’s important to maintain a good Twitter presence for business.

Consider these Twitter best practice tips when developing your Twitter strategy:

Make sure that your page is branded
Business Twitter profiles should look different than Twitter profiles that are owned by individuals. Twitter allows you to customize your profile, so it’s important to take advantage of this and incorporate the company logo and branded color schemes. Make it obvious who is tweeting. Utilize the description space and add a company description that includes keywords and always include a link back to your website.

Incorporate hashtags
Many businesses don’t fully understand what hashtags are or how to use them so they miss out on this opportunity. Hashtags (#) designate an important keyword within the content. It helps people search within Twitter. If you’re still confused, see how others in the industry are using hashtags and search for hashtags within Twitter to see what comes up. Some businesses even create their own hashtag surrounding a product launch or an event in order to generate buzz and awareness.

Follow others
You never want to just start following people at random, but a good way to earn followers in Twitter is to follow others. Do some research and look for influential people in your industry or in related industries. If they have similar interests they will be more likely to follow you back and pay attention to what you have to say.

The purpose of social media is to be social and share with one another. Think of Twitter as a community. If you want to be a good community member you can’t only focus on yourself. In order to get people to care about you and share your content, you have to be willing to do the same for them. If someone posts something great, re-tweet it to your audience and add your own introduction.

Link to a mobile friendly site

Many people are accessing Twitter today from a mobile device while on the go. A common Twitter strategy is to share links that point back to your website or blog. If you are going to do so, it’s important to make sure that the content being shared is mobile friendly and able to quickly load on a mobile browser. People are looking for information quickly. If they click on a link that isn’t mobile friendly, they may not even read it.

Check analytics
Check your website analytics to see what content is generating visitors to your site from Twitter. Once you see what works and what doesn’t you can make changes to your Twitter content sharing strategy.

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6 Responses to How to Use Twitter Effectively

  1. Nice article, I’m new to twitter so this will really help. Again Great job!

  2. Very nice tips, I am always a big fan of hash tags as they are good for twitter search.

  3. Sreejesh says:

    I never thought about including a mobile version on twitter page. You are right more people access twitter from mobile. And its a best idea to develop a responsive theme which auto shrinks to mobile without needing to have a separate mobile version.

    Nice tips

  4. I find twitter to be very useful for spreading a recent news story. It is real time search , so you can spread the word , like wild fire when a news story first breaks.

  5. David vil says:

    I love and find twitter very useful.

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