How to Get Free Traffic from YouTube

YouTubeGoogle is the largest search engine in the world followed by the internal search engine of the video sharing site YouTube, which Google also owns. Perhaps because of this relationship, many users are noticing more YouTube videos in Google’s own search results. Because of this, many marketers are realizing that YouTube can be used to drive traffic back to a website.

Many want to begin making videos to drive traffic to their main websites, but few know how to do this properly. Learning how to get free traffic from YouTube is easy with the right strategies.

Target Long Tail and Ultra Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are specific and descriptive phrases, with ultra long tail keywords being even more specific, but also lower in search volume. They often have less competition, but convert visitors into leads and sales at a much greater rate.

YouTube’s domain authority is so high, that videos targeting well chosen keywords may rank highly with little to no promotion. Larger phrases can be targeted as well, but targeting the long tail phrases produces the largest return in the shortest amount of time.

Add Clickable Video Links

YouTube videos are embeddable on other websites. Adding in a link to the video itself lets viewers click to visit your site. People viewing a video on a third party site may also click the links within the video to visit your site.

Put the link in early when the video begins playing. It is also possible to use YouTube’s annotation tool to link to related videos to increase video views and the chance of getting a click through to a website.

Videos Need a Call to Action Too

Many video creators miss this point. It is important to put links in the video and the description, and to ask or tell viewers to click on them for more information. Some calls to action need to be stronger than others, but this can be tested to determine the best way to get viewers to click through.

Create a Great Channel Page

If viewers like a video and choose to subscribe to the channel, they will often visit that channel. YouTube channels can be edited to include custom background colors and images, descriptions, tags, and the option of which videos to show first to new subscribers.

Write an Article Length Description

Many make the mistake of only adding a link to a website and several tags in their video descriptions. This can be okay for established channels, but those trying to drive more users to a website, it is a bad practice to place a bare link with no other content.

Taking the time to include an article to accompany the video serves several important functions. One is that it gives users the incentive to stay on the video for its entirety and that enough interest to earn a click on one of the links in the description itself.

The other and more important point is that more content creates more opportunity for videos to rank highly for a larger quantity of long tail keywords. Content does not need to be any longer than a short blog post, and can be optimized in a similar fashion as blog content when targeting specific and secondary long tail keywords and phrases.

Link to More Than One Property

Getting traffic from YouTube can happen in a roundabout way. Some users are more interested in engaging socially than they are clicking through to a website to read more. Putting links in to social media profiles offers another chance to build trust and develop an audience. When the audience begins trusting the quality and information of videos, they may be more likely to visit a website.

Follow the Trends

YouTube is showing no signs of slowing down. Online video consumption is estimated by some to increase over 30% per year, per person. YouTube’s unique standing as a Google owned property, as well as trends concerning consumer preference make clear the need to establish a presence on YouTube. The trends speak for themselves.

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