How to Convert Your Social Media Followers

So you’ve successfully built your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) and have a decent amount of followers. Each day you see new followers and more “Likes,” so clearly your work is done, right? Not so much. Social media followers are great if they are engaging with your business and sharing your content, but others may remain passive. Once you gain followers on your social networks, your next step is to provide opportunities that will convert them from being a follower to a lead and then a customer or client. Here are some steps to take to help convert your social media subscribers into customers.

Focus on Quality not Quantity

Many businesses get consumed with increasing the number of followers or Facebook page “Likes.” Yet solely focusing your energy on getting new subscribers can sometimes get the wrong type of follower. You could end up with a lot of “Likes” but only a core group of people who are actively engaged on your Facebook page or Twitter profile. Instead, focus more on creating and sharing great content with your followers. It shows your current followers that you are invested by providing quality content, but good content also has a better chance of getting shared with non-followers.

Engage With Your Followers

Social media is not a one way communication channel. In order for your social media marketing to be effective, you need to have a conversation with your followers. Instead of just logging into your accounts to post your blog articles and then leaving, try engaging with your followers. Pay attention to what your followers are saying. Social media is a great tool for compliments and customer feedback. By actively engaging with any comments you receive, it shows you are a business that cares about what your audience has to say.

Create Opportunities for Conversion

In order to convert your social media fans, you need to provide additional opportunities for engagement. Your Facebook page should have links to your blog as well as your email newsletter. Turning your social media followers into email subscribers moves them one more step closer to becoming customers. Keep in mind that these call to actions need to be clear and to the point. Conversion points need to be no more than two clicks away from your social media site.

Keep a Social Media Mix

Are you only using your Twitter account to promote your latest blog post? You might get lost in the crowd. Social media is very noisy and because new content is shared every minute, you need to create content that will break through the clutter. Did you know that posts with images or videos are more likely to be shared, and tend to be at the top of the Facebook newsfeed? Better yet, create a poll or an interactive post that will encourage a response from your followers. Only sharing one type of content with your followers can be boring and reduces your chances of converting your followers.

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7 Responses to How to Convert Your Social Media Followers

  1. Fantastic article. Quality over quantity is indeed key, people won’t share it if they don’t like it. Interacting with followers is vital, most people ignore that fact and miss out, there’s no point in having social media if you aren’t engaging with the people who follow you. The more you talk to them, the more questions you ask, the more re-tweets you do the more they like you, the more they share. Don’t just post articles, make videos, webinars, podcasts, infographics, widgets and apps and share them with people. We talk about stuff like this all the time over on as well as giving advice on SEO strategies, tips and techniques and we’d love you to come over and join us.

  2. This post has came up with great steps to take to help convert social media subscribers into customers.Attracting subscribers is the first step.But,the next and very much important step is that you need to do is to convert your subscribers into customers…This post is a must read!

  3. These are fantastic tips. Too often, I witness social media campaigns fail because of poorly written content. Social media should be conversational. Content should engage readers to share and discuss posts. If content isn’t engaging, it isn’t going to go anywhere.

  4. Visit says:

    It isn’t difficult to put together a strategy to convert fans and followers into something you actually own — email subscribers. But too many are putting the effort on the backburner in favor of figuring out a new popular social network. Converting fans and followers to email subscribers is just smart. The benefits exceed those found with preserving your investment in social activity. The benefits are also found in what you do with the email database on an on-going basis.

  5. Vikas Tailor says:

    I just read the concept on How to convert.. The post really makes impression to the first eye as it has loads of advantages to grab the right people to the right niche. We have already focused on this and that’s the reason we are receiving tons of great responses. We basically deal in Business VoIP Phone systems and Leading IT support service providers around the globe and we appreciate this post as well as the tools on measuring quality based populations.

  6. Social media is often a noisy place with lots of distractions. In order to stay top of mind and to keep the attention of followers, and improve chances of conversion, it’s important to post different kinds of content. Don’t limit it to simply links to your blog posts. Add photos, videos, and interactive posts that encourage follower response.

  7. craig says:

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