What You Need To Know About Penguin & Panda Updates

It is natural for webmasters to want to have their sites set up for search engine optimization (SEO) to gain high placement in browser searches by potential customers. Along with performing adequate search engine submission and fine-tuning the landing page content, it is important to keep up to date on how the most popular search engines are changing their search methods.

Some of this information is publicly disclosed; a website like Search Engine Watch maintains regular updates, and so do many site submission companies like AddMe.com.

Website promotion begins with the initial selection of a domain name and website submission. To gain high placement with popular search websites like Google and Yahoo, the small company owner or webmaster should always research information about Penguin and Panda updates as they occur. These are the most well-known Internet “characters” that present a constantly changing challenge to those who seek successful site promotion.

What Is Panda?

In the days before the first Google algorithm change commonly known as “Panda,” promotion relied heavily on optimization of website text to include keywords that might be used in searches. Website owners went to extremes, called keyword stuffing, in their efforts to rank highly with search engine robots. The Panda adjustment devastated many companies who counted on keywords and text manipulation to do the job of promotion.

The algorithm is a complex and detailed set of calculations incorporated into the method used to determine priority listings of websites in search results. In the long run, however, the algorithm changes drove website owners to rethink their websites in an effort to become more relevant, authoritative and concise. Along came more changes for search engine operation with Panda II, and now Penguin.

What Is Important to Know About Penguin and Panda Updates?

  • Panda is trying to eliminate keyword stuffing and spammy content
  • Penguin is looking mostly at links, and it targets poor quality, spammy links and backlinks

How Can I Improve My Website to Avoid Conflict with Panda and Penguin?

  • Don’t keyword stuff and don’t link stuff
  • Become an expert; remember now that quality content is king, not keywords
  • Fine-tune your website so every element is high-quality content
  • Learn all you can about the search engines
  • Update your website with relevant content weekly or more often
  • Use blog posts, videos, podcasts, and webinars
  • Become a pillar of your social networking websites; offer high-quality information as an expert resource to others
  • Make any link you set a good one as defined by the search engines

Website success depends on obtaining high ranking in searches of relevant keywords by potential customers. Before you attempt submission of your website to search engines in bulk or individual site submit actions, and before you eagerly post your website using add URL or URL Submit, research the facts about what the ongoing Penguin and Panda updates demand.

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  1. Google have launched Panda & Penguin for remove duplicate content in website & spam link. when Google algorithm crawl your website it will remove duplicated content or meta. nice post..,!

  2. Travesti says:

    It is accustomed for webmasters to wish to accept their sites set up for seek engine enhancement (SEO) to accretion top adjustment in browser searches by abeyant customers. Along with assuming able seek engine acquiescence and fine-tuning the landing page content, it is important to accumulate up to date on how the a lot of accepted seek engines are alteration their seek methods.

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