Scoring Big on Smaller Search Engines

More and more, it’s not just Google. Internet searchers do use the mega search engine, to the tune of 62 million searches a day. However, users are turning to alternative search engines, perhaps due to concerns about the privacy of Google searches. Users perform an average of 33 million searches per day on alternative search engines, and these users are actually searching longer than folks looking for a quick Google or Yahoo answer.

If you’re not marketing to the alternative search engine submission and search engine users, which represent a full one-third of searchers at present, you are missing out the chance to market your message and your brand to millions of users per day. It’s not as simple as a submit my website button.

The best time to reach internet searchers is in the middle phase of their search. At search outset, a user interested in upgrading her patio furniture or purchasing a nonviolent video game for his kids might type in a generic search term, such as “vinyl patio furniture” or “video games for kids.” These queries will help the user find general information about furniture, games, or whatever else they are looking for. After researching for a while, the user begins to form a preference and might perform targeted searches on search engines or online shopping platforms such as Amazon or eBay for a manufacturer’s patio table or a specific video game title. This is where you want your ad to come in, directing searchers to your patio furniture outlet, your gaming store, or anything else.

There are a few ways to start tapping into this secondary search market, performed on retail and other search sites. First, evaluate your current strategy to develop a thoughtful replacement. Are you using keywords that will be recognized in indexing a website and that target potential customers? Searches performed outside standard business hours are likely to be performed on a mobile device or tablet. Are you targeting this market? Consider where your products are likely to be sold, then use this to guide your strategic partnerships. Develop a mobile-optimized ad channel by targeting local search applications and boosting your online presence on local search networks to garner mobile search results. Consider advertising your brand on product search sites such as Amazon, then place the ads so they target users searching for the type of product you offer.

As you shift your marketing strategy to include these methods, keep track of usage data and evaluate those stats! If one channel is underperforming for you, try another. As you develop a web marketing strategy that targets users as they evaluate and consider what to buy, you’ll notice increased revenue stream.

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