Make Website and Pages Discoverable with Sitemaps

The Google sitemap generator is among the many webmaster tools used to create websites. Having a sitemap on your website helps to not only make the website more visible to search engines, but it also makes inner pages discoverable by a visiting search engine. Before you site submit, incorporate this into your website. Easy directions are included with simple website sitemap tools, such as the one found at

If you are a webmaster, but hesitation implementing a sitemap, consult with a professional website designer who understands website promotion, optimization and website submission processes. While you can do most of the work yourself, a designer can help you with visibility in all possible ways for your website.

Isn’t Site Submission Enough?

Submitting to Yahoo, Google and other search engines is just the beginning of successful promotion, but you should do so after the sitemap is created, otherwise you’ll need to resubmit the website to actually get those sitemaps submitted to the search engines. Sitemaps are not used by your visitors; they provide directions to search engines and consist of an organized listing of coded text links that point to various pages and links within your website. There is the ability to include priority ranking and the frequency with which updates are made, so search engines know when to check again.

Sitemaps are Part of SEO Best Practices

Your first site promotion generally will take the form of adding a URL. This can be done with each search engine individually or in bulk through a site submission company. Sitemaps are produced in either HTML or XML format for search engine use. It is one way that you can help promote your website pages. Including a sitemap is an SEO best practice effort. You can also include metadata for website content, which contributes to optimization of your content.

Sitemaps are also important if your website contains dynamic content or certain images created with AJAX that is hard for search engines to discover. It is a great way to boost search visibility of a new website that may not have many backlinks. You should include linking from page to page within your website, but if you have many pages without linking, this will facilitate discoverability.

Once completed, submit it to relevant search engines. If you need multiple sitemap files to include everything, do a master list of all those as an index. This will help funnel the searches where you want them to go. Remember, the most important part of website promotion is getting noticed, by the public and by search engines.

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  1. I always worry that if I make any changes, the sitemap is then wrong

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