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Now that you have your website up and running, the next important step is to promote that website and receive visitors who hopefully will convert to customers and buyers. This is a step you want to make quickly and effectively, but you may not know exactly where to begin.

For starters, remember that directory links for your web promotion are absolutely one of the first things to do. A web directory is a powerful tool you can use to achieve web promotion. It is different from a search engine in that when they receive a link from a business, an actual person will go look at the website. They do not use robots to scour the internet, as do search engines. This is good; it gives you a better chance at being listed according to the category or subcategory of your business rather than just by keywords you use on your website.

In exchange for listing your business in their directory, you are expected to provide a backlink to their directory. The two-way linking is helpful for being noticed by search engines, which also boosts your ranking in searches, so it is a win-win for both sides. The search engines may take their sweet time in discovering your website otherwise; they do regular visits to the directories. If your link is on the directory, the search engines will find your website faster because of your link on the directory.

There is one thing to watch out for when listing with directories. If they use an attribute called “no follow” for your link you will not get those important search engine visits. Try to avoid the “no follow” link directories unless they offer a “follow” link service for a small fee. That fee may be worth the cost. Directories do get visitors who are searching for categories. If you are listed and have an active link, it helps bring interested visitors to your website.

Another way to achieve website promotion with links is to place them within articles you post on your website. Links can go into the actual article or be listed separately in a resource box or source listing below the article. The links within the article are anchor links, and they are more effective at being noticed by search engine robots than just listing straight URLs. Put an article directory on your landing page with links deep into your website to help promote those pages to the search engines in addition to the Home Page they normally visit.

You merely register as requested with each directory. They provide you a link to use on your website; this link helps to improve your ranking with search engines. A brief description you provide the directory can also bring visitors your way. If you list with an article directory, they want to see articles that related to your website theme.

Any costs you incur related to getting listed in link and article directories should be worthwhile and results should justify your expenditures. Help your website to a rapid start using directory links for web promotion.

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7 Responses to Directory Links for Web Promotion

  1. SEO says:

    “Hey Friend, I really liked the part when you discussed do and don’ts of a great SEO, and especially the part about how to SEO correctly. Really helped me improve my SEO! You think you could make a post about SEO courses? I would have loved that!”

  2. Ryan Key says:

    I have been submitting to directories for a while and have seen my sites benefit greatly from this strategy. My visitors and PR have increase dramatically. I would recommend only targeting directories that have a higher PR than your sites.

  3. sumon says:

    how are you?
    thank you at this time exposed your article. actually any web site to promote to need directory links. directory is the most part of seo. it helps to optimize any web site.your article is really nice. i have known too many things about directory link. thanks share your idea.

  4. Julie says:

    I keep forgetting to put links within the articles. Thanks for the info.

  5. don’t forget they need to be relevant too – very important

  6. KatyAc says:

    Two way linking is no longer as effective since Google began their algorithm updates. Directory listings work though if done right.

  7. Houston SEO says:

    Good article. Done right, directory listings can actually be as effective as other link building methods.

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