Ways to Get Blog Visitors to Convert

Operating a business blog is a great way to improve your online marketing efforts. SEO and social media, arguably two of the most important online marketing tactics today, rely on content. Without content there is nothing to optimize and nothing to share with social followers. There are many places to post and distribute content online but operating a company blog should be at the core of a content marketing strategy. Unlike social media or other web properties, a business blog is owned by the business. Blog content doesn’t need to follow any rigid rules or abide by regulations. The point of a business blog is to establish your business as a trusted thought leader in a particular niche. However, the ultimate goal of a business blog is to get a visitor to convert and take some kind of action after reading a post. Here are 5 ways to improve conversion rate on your business blog:

Incorporate Into the Business Website
When starting a business blog you have the option to create it on a separate domain or as part of the main business website. It’s recommended to include it as part of the business website. That helps to convey trust to the visitor. If the blog is part of the navigation on a main business website the visitor can easily navigate the site to learn more about the company. Blog content helps to generate visitors to the website as a whole.

Post Only High Quality Content
A blog is only successful if it’s updated regularly. If you’re busy with other things it’s tempting to outsource the content and find someone that will do it for cheap. You get what you pay for and cheap content writing isn’t going to add any value to the blog. It’s better to have one good post go live a week than 5 low quality posts.

Keep the Focus on the Content
It’s important to include social share buttons and links to follow your business in social media, but it shouldn’t overshadow the blog content. You want a social media follower to visit your blog, not the other way around. If social links are too prominent, you may lose the visitor from the blog.

Keep Lead Forms Simple
It’s important to incorporate a lead form on the blog with call to actions so that visitors know what to do next if they like what they see. You don’t want to scare away visitors with your lead form. Keep it simple and only ask for the information that’s necessary.

Remove any “Excess”
The focus of the blog should be the content and the lead form. That’s it! If your goal is to get visitors to fill out the lead form, don’t hide it among lots of other stuff like ads or links. You don’t want to distract the visitor. Remove anything that’s non-essential.

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  2. In my opinion blogs require a lot of time and as your article says you need to provide good quality posts to provide your viewers with a reason to return. The social media connection seems to be another forum that can duplicate your blog or requires additional unique content. Thanks for your insight.

  3. eminem says:

    Small bits of content which are explained in details, helps me understand the topic, thank you!

  4. Anunay says:

    I have a one more question I’m running a blog but it’s not getting any rank can you please write blog on it ?

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  6. Rudhra says:

    Hello, I’m a blogger but no more visitor read my blog can you help me. ?

  7. Russell Okung says:

    Hi Nick Stamoulis
    Thank you very much for your valuable articles. I want to say this is marvelous. I have a questions “Should i post regularly basic ? or weekly 3/4 ?” and “How can i get good visitor without search engine ? ”


  8. Shagun Mehta says:

    Thanks for sharing the informative content. It is very helpful to increase the visitors for blogs. It is very important that content should be high quality, unique, informative and relevant. It is also important for SEO Purpose.

  9. john says:

    thanks alot these tricks worked alot for me

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