Online Video Marketing is Big for Small Business

Even the smallest business can swim with the big sharks when it comes to search engine optimization and online video marketing. Most business owners are familiar with website creation and they do search engine submission to help get their website noticed by search engine tracking. Online video, on the other hand, may be foreign territory.

Small Business Owners Can Create Video for Marketing

Even though most individuals are familiar with home video cameras, they may not realize that they can create a useful and effective online video with even simple video equipment. Videos add important information and live action to website promotion and should definitely be included in design. In addition, putting that short and simple video up on a free social media website like YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn can expose that advertising message to millions of potential viewers.

Why Include Online Video Marketing?

URL Submit, add URL and other efforts aimed at site promotion are a step in the right direction. A webmaster or company owner can conduct website submission to major websites like Google and Yahoo, and they can design a landing page that has search engine optimization in mind from the start quickly and easily. Automated site submission is the best way to get the business website out there for search engines to discover. Your business video can draw in visitors if you post it on social networking websites and on YouTube and link back to your website. Social websites attract about 800 to 900 million visitors each month; it is becoming increasingly more important for small businesses to think big and include social media video marketing plans as part of their overall advertising strategy.

Online Video Contributes to Website SEO Content

As website submission is accomplished, it is time to examine website content. In addition to creating interesting, relevant and important copy on all pages, the landing page should be especially geared towards search engine optimization (SEO) for best results. This means including keywords in copy, META tags and descriptions, and in online video marketing. Put the video on the front page and on all inner pages where it adds importance to the page. Use SEO copy in the video caption.

Online Video Marketing Basics

Start your video production with a few basics in mind:

  • Keep it simple and short. Thirty seconds to about 3 minutes is best, concentrating on just two or three main points.
  • Include keywords and be sure to overlay your web address on all videos.
  • Upload your videos to social media — Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. This keeps your costs to a minimum and exposure at a maximum potential.
  • Include video topics like a company tour, interviews with personnel, product demos, how-to videos and new product announcements.
  • Use an inexpensive camera with 320×400 pixels and do your own editing.
  • Use analytics tools to determine how visitors are reacting to and viewing your videos.
  • Check out Google AdWords for video and YouTube for Marketers options to enhance the impact of your online videos.

One precaution: Be sure material you use is not infringing on someone else’s copyright. Remember the legal aspects of public display of materials and product claims before you site submit.

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