How Valuable is That Link?

If you know anything about search engine optimization, you know that link building is an essential part of the process. Links help determine value in the eyes of the search engines since they indicate trust. If a website has lots of relevant inbound links coming from quality websites, it will be viewed more favorably (and ranked better) than a site that doesn’t have many inbound links. Of course, the number of inbound links isn’t as important as the type of inbound links since all links aren’t created equal. Link building takes time, so you might as well spend that time wisely and build links that will actually be worth it. So, how do you determine link value?

The first way to determine how valuable a link will be is to use free online tools to research the website that you intend to get a link from. Websites like Compete, Website Grader, and Network Solutions WhoIs will give you an inside look at the website and provide you with information about generated traffic and domain background. If a website receives low traffic, low grades, is hosted in a foreign country, and hasn’t aged more than a year the link won’t hold much value. On the other hand, if the website checks out via all of these sites, that is a link worth going after.

Another way to determine link value is to analyze target audience behavior online. What sites are target customers or clients visiting? Link building isn’t just for the search engines. It’s also for improving online visibility and generating traffic back to your website. Conduct research and analyze the backlinks of competitors in order to find websites that target audience members visit frequently.

A link from a high authority site that generates traffic from target audience members is great, but what’s even better is if there is some kind of potential added value in the link. For example, are you able to establish some kind of relationship with the website owner? Can they provide you with additional link building opportunities down the road like guest blog posts or can the relationship even lead to opportunities beyond linking, like a business partnership or referral? It’s important to think beyond the technical aspect of linking.

Perhaps the easiest way to determine link value is simply to use common sense. Take a look at the website. Does it provide any value? Is it easy to navigate and does it provide a good user experience? Or, does it have multiple spelling and grammar errors and is it loaded with ads? If it doesn’t look like a website that you’d like to spend time visiting, it’s likely that the search engine spiders and prospective target audience members have the same bad impression of the site and the link doesn’t hold much (if any) value.

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10 Responses to How Valuable is That Link?

  1. sharron says:

    You have some great ideas for link building

  2. geek says:

    great idea for link building.

  3. adumpaul says:

    Nice tutorial of seo.Thanks a lots.

  4. The value of the link is critical – so right

  5. Link building is one of the most important elements of SEO. Very valuable article.

  6. Ron Binmore says:

    Because of the financial situation in the UK and world wide, people ar not spending their money like they used to therefor, it is very hard to make a sale. In addition, b ecause people are not spending, they are not looking at web sites as much.

    I have been trying to get good quality marine web sites to exchange links and have been sending e-mails to various sites who have a links page suggesting an exchange. Most of the time no one replies but I keep pegging away. Is there a special format/way in which one should ask for an exchange, or ist best to be up front and just ask?


    Ron B

  7. Stop Wasting Space says:

    It’s funny how all these posters/ people leaving a reply do so on basically every article thinking that including their website url will make a good back link, probably not. More than a “no-follow” rule is in place.

    If you are going to leave a reply, at least make it interesting and a benefit to the referenced article, not just ” Great info, thanks!” How Lame!

  8. If it doesn’t look like a website that you’d like to spend time visiting, it’s likely that the search engine spiders and prospective target audience members have the same bad impression of the site and the link doesn’t hold much (if any) value.

  9. John H says:

    I don’t see the term PageRank mentioned anywhere. Is PR dead since Panda and Penguin?

  10. Peter says:

    Such an awesome resource for newbies of white hat seo

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