Why Social Sharing Buttons are Important

If you know anything about online marketing and search engine optimization, you understand the importance of content. After all, without content, what is there to optimize and how do potential clients or customers learn anything about you? The content that you produce is what sets you apart from the rest in the online space, which is competitive no matter what industry you are in. One popular method of producing content is to create a business blog and update it regularly. Of course, your blog posts will only be worthwhile if people actually see them. One way to improve your content marketing efforts is to include social share buttons on every blog post. Here are 3 reasons why:

User Experience

Any web property that you operate should have user experience at the top of the priority list. It’s very likely that your target audience members can find the same, or very similar, service or product that you offer elsewhere. Don’t frustrate them with a poor layout or navigation. The same theory applies when it comes to your content. Any interaction with your brand should be easy. A website or blog visitor should never have to think too much because if they find themselves thinking too hard, you’ve lost them. A blog should be easy to navigate and include post categories and archives by date. Including social share buttons also makes it easy for them to share the content with their fans and followers. If these buttons aren’t included, it’s unlikely that someone is going to take the time to open up a new window, sign in to their account, and copy and paste the link. This doesn’t mean that they didn’t find your content “shareable”; it just means that they didn’t feel like spending that extra time to share it.

Improve Brand Visibility and Reach

The ultimate long term goal of any content is for it to rank organically in the search engines for targeted keywords. But this takes time. If you create quality content, don’t you want people to see it immediately? This is why it’s important to have a robust social media presence and a respectable amount of followers. A simple post or tweet will share your fresh new content with the people that care about your brand or industry the most. But you don’t want it to stop there. Hopefully, your content is good enough that they will want to share it with their own fans and followers, which will improve your brand exposure. Including social share buttons increases the likelihood that this will happen.

Social Signals

Social media is no longer just a brand building and communication tool. A social media presence, or lack thereof, now has search engine ranking implications. If a link is shared frequently in social media, the search engines determine that it is a valuable link, which can result in better search engine ranking position. Since including share buttons increases the likelihood of a blog post getting shared, it also increases the likelihood that it will improve your search engine optimization efforts.

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40 Responses to Why Social Sharing Buttons are Important

  1. It has been seen that social sharing button has increasingly become one of the most effective ways for online branding. It helps to drives more traffic than any other source and that speaks to how important this feature has become. I personally believe that this article is innovative and thanks for sharing this article.

  2. Andy Moore says:

    Thank you for a great article. It really just confirms what I have thought for the past few months. I have only just started to use Social Media on my blog and already I have notices many more eyes seeing my videos and articles.

    The main one must be Facebook, and that’s where I immediately send all my articles and videos to first. Then google plus and Twitter.

    I also use various other means and they all work well. It will be crazy not to use Social Media when posting.

    Thanks for your time.

    Andy Moore

  3. I thought it was all rubbish but Twitter has actually increased the traffic to my site

  4. Nick Sotos says:

    This is a great article Brick. Very helpful for new bloggers like myself, but also experienced. I also have made facebook and twitter account, and I have realized that many of my everyday viewers come from my twitter or facebook ipage. Great tips Brick!

  5. Lee says:

    When I installed social bookmarking buttons on my site I saw a huge increase in traffic because visitors where re-tweeting my post and getting engaged more. It has also improve my overall page rank in which improved my search engine rankings.

  6. social sharing buttons so important for our website specially for blogs, when peoples come a read post most of them bookmark articles on different Bookmarking websites

  7. Social sharing buttons have made my sites credibility boost. And as personal view point while researching, it really makes everything easy to find plus promotes viral marketing. Therefore this cuddly buttons are a must.

  8. Fireproofing says:

    Thank you for an excellent post. It really just verifies what I have imagined for the last few several weeks. I have only just began to use Social media on my site and already I have is aware many more face seeing my video clips and content.

  9. Thanks a million Brick. Great tips!

  10. Another reason the buttons are valuable is that they show the visitor the popularity of the content.. content that has a high number of shares is likely to give the viewer the impression that the information is important, valuable, or at least entertaining

  11. Michael says:

    Being an amateur in SEM I am so grateful to the article pushing me to find out more how to implement that Social button on my website. If someone can advise how to do it I would be most grateful. Thank you.

  12. Its very important to have social sharing buttons on your blogs or website because search engines value more websites that is frequently shared on social medias such as facebook and twitter. This will also improve the popularity or your website.

  13. Sharron says:

    Totally agree, socail bookmark all new content on your site too

    • matthias says:

      Great to read this article. Even today, the article seams to be state of seo and social bookmarking via social buttons. Thank you for the great insights! Matthias

  14. I agree, the use of sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and other social media can help promote your site material and increase traffic, especially if you have a lot of followers on those sites.

  15. Adding Buttons is an absolute must for 2012. Social networking has become a complete must have in todays internet marketing world. I agree with every word you said in the article. Awesome Job…

  16. i can’t agree more. the traffic that i get from the social media buttons is awesome stuff!

  17. social buttons are a very important part of any site and it has really helped us and our ratings.

  18. Thanks for this nice tip! I didnt know by now the impact of social media. I have to go social now with my website.

  19. hello Brickmarketing ,
    I recently visit your blog here..it seems really useful because Social Sharing Buttons is really valuable in present websites/business promotions. through this we can promote our product on various important social sites.really nice post.

  20. SO important. It makes sharing easier & fast to the web.

  21. One aside from the social plugins is their loading time. Not enough with all the tracking pixels that, sometimes, take an eternity to load. Now we have all those social tracking pixels too. Funny thing that Google claims speed, speed, speed to be of the essence but offers a tracking pixel with Google Analytics that sometimes significantly slows the loading time of your website. Kind regards

  22. Michael says:

    Theoretically I see clear the point to have social bookmarking buttons and I am sure people who implemented them have the benefit. It looks I need to learn more how to install them on my website even though Facebook button was already there and without any success. Does it mean I should be really active on Twitter or Facebook to ripe some benefit as well?

  23. Best bookmarking sites are stumbleupon and reddit and digg I always use squidoo for writing articles which is the best 🙂

  24. Herbert says:

    Social Sharing is heavily based on the Niche you’re in. We’ve got Projects where sharing our Products via Social-Signals is VERY important (Trend Watches) and other Niches where it doesnt effect anything (Vacuum Cleaners).

  25. I just recently include bookmarking buttons in all my webpages,before I use the buttons for may main webpages only and to my landing page. In which it gains high in google ranking and increase more traffic. Now my other webpages began to increase traffic. I prefer facebook share/like, Twitter, Linked, and email, for more instant costumer engagement.

  26. Social Sharing buttons are useful to generate more traffic. In those hard SEO times, much more ppl use this kind of social marketing to get alternative traffic sources beside the google organic search traffic. But whatever, this kind of promotion will only work with great content on your site. Otherwise the sharing effect is low.

  27. Ecam says:

    It’s interesting to read this article now, after the Penguin update, since this article was written a few months prior to the update. I have to give “Brick Marketing” credit for their insights into the importance of social media sharing on search engine rankings. Sharing your content on social media now is an integral part of the new SEO and “sharing buttons” are a key component of that strategy.

  28. Best bookmarking sites are stumbleupon and reddit and digg also facebook

  29. Thank you. Social Signals are very important also for the ranking. For some projects it´s the best for generate traffic.

  30. Sauger Guru says:

    Very good comment. Share buttons are important for the ranking and in social networks one should be represented.

  31. Ahad Arzi says:

    I get many benefits of using social sharing buttons. It is important for all. Because, nowadays, most of the peoples are active in many social networks. To connect with the users regularly, social sharing buttons are very important. Thanks for your points!

  32. off plan dubai says:

    his is very informative and intersting for those who are interested in blogging field.

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