Infographic: 3 Types That Work Best

Sometimes it can be difficult trying to get a complex message or theory through to an audience. Although the written word is amazingly powerful, sometimes it can just be easier to use infographics to get your point across. But what is an infographic and how do they work? Here’s an explanation and a few examples of effective infographics.

What Is An Infographic?

Infographics are pictorial representations of information that could also be written in an article. Think along the lines of a graph or pie chart if you will. A pie chart could contain information about what type of food people like to eat on a night out. It could tell you that 40% of people like Indian cuisine, 30% like Chinese cuisine, 20% like American, and 10% like Fish and chips.

While it’s fine to give people that information in writing, a pie chart gives a much better visual representation of the information. Many people take in facts better when they see an actual image instead of words on paper.

So What Types Of Infographics Are There and Which Work Best?

Directional- Directional infographics show people how to get from one point to another. They can be a good way to lead staff members through certain work procedures, and are also very effective in schools, especially used in many science departments.

Often things like arrows, bullet points, balloons, and numbers are used in this kind of infographic to impart the necessary information.

Quantitative- This kind of infographic is used to give statistical information to readers in a quick and effective way. Similar to the pie chart example given earlier you’ll often see pie charts, bar charts, and graphs used to give numerical information in a way that can be easily digested and understood.

Quantitative infographics will also be used in cases where complex information needs to be simplified.

Chronological- These infographics are not unlike their quantitative cousins. They are used to show how things change over a period of time. They’ll normally be used to show things like weight loss/gain, growth of sales and profit, number of crimes, that kind of thing.

These infographics are very effective at showing the relationship between numbers over a certain period of time. They are used very much in business where it’s important to see how a companies strategy is affecting things like profits.

Infographics and Advertising

Infographics are often used in marketing and advertising material as it can help solidify a sales message much more effectively that the written word. The most effective type of infographics will be clean, basic, and concise. The whole point is to simplify a message and not make it harder.

Other factors that become very important in creating a strong infographic are things like color, layout and font. It needs to be easy on the eye, easy to follow, and must grab your readers attention. It’s very important to be very organized in your presentation of information as a reader who ends up confused will probably leave your graphic before they understand the most important points.

As the Internet has grown so has the use of infographics. With so much information out there, and so many other sites competing for eyeballs it has become even more important that ever to stand out, whilst ensuring your readers get the information they need quickly, and in an entertaining way.

With the sudden explosive growth of the Android phones and iPhones, many websites are quickly adapting their information so it’s compatible with customers mobile devices. This means that many infographics are becoming small enough to be used on a mobile phone. Whilst this medium of communicating with clients is proving so effective there’s nothing to suggest the infographic will be going anywhere fast.

This post was sent to us by a blogger named Lior Levin who is a blogger and a marketing consultant to the main security and main political science programs in the Tel Aviv University.

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    post was sent to us by a blogger named Lior Levin who is a blogger and a marketing consultant to the ma in security and ma in political science programs in the tel aviv university.

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