3 Must-Have Features For Email Marketing

First there was direct mail marketing, but as soon as the Internet came into popular use it was only a matter of time before email marketing became a force to be reckoned with in the online world. Despite a rough start where people got so sick of spam that the US Government passed the Can-Spam Act in an effort to curb the growing trend in mass junk mailing. The problem still remains today but ethical email marketing has risen above that and people recognize it for what it is – a method for businesses to communicate with them.

So what types of features should you be looking for in an email marketing solution?

1. List Management

You may think you’re only ever going to be working with a single mailing list but that will quickly change once you really get involved with email marketing in a serious way. The email marketing solution you choose should allow you to handle multiple lists in the simplest possible way.

It should also allow you to create autoresponder sequences and a single broadcast mailing to the same list with just a few clicks – the more intuitive the package is the better. In addition it should allow you to segment your list so you can target just specific groups within your mailing list. We found this very important when we did the marketing for a customized cancer treatment startup I worked for.

Remember you want this to be as automated as possible so there’s very little work for you once you’ve generated the opt-ins to your list.

2. Double Opt-Ins

Because of the splurge of spam that caused the creation of the Can-Spam Act in 2003 you must, must, must have an email management solution that works with the double opt-in process. This basically means that once the person signs up to your list they’re sent a second email asking them to confirm their subscription and at least this way you’re completely minimizing the amount of unwanted opt-ins that you receive.

You’re also staying clear of any legal issues or potential complaints against you. Any solution that doesn’t offer the double opt-in feature should be avoided like the plague.

3. Tracking

Once you’ve created your list you’re going to be emailing your customers and readers and an important aspect of this process is checking what’s called your Open Rate. This tells you of the number of e-mails you sent out how many were actually opened and read. This type of analysis is critical to ensure that you’re writing the most effective and enticing subject lines possible for your email campaigns.

Also if you’re including any links in your emails for products or services you’re recommending or just sharing resources with people then you’ll need to know how often these links are actually being clicked to measure your click through rate. Again this is an important part of analyzing your email promotion efforts – it allows you to fine tune what you’re doing so you can improve your next broadcast to your list.

Getting email marketing right isn’t rocket science but getting the right solution in place at the very start is the key to success here. There’s nothing more frustrating then creating a list with one provider and then realizing that they’re not going to be able to offer you what you need.

Then you’re going to have to try either migrating your entire list or worse again asking your customers and clients to opt-in yet again to an entirely new email management system. Neither one of these is fun and the entire process can quickly become a nightmare that involves people simply opting out of receiving any emails from you at all.

Look at what solutions other successful email marketers are using and simply follow their example – they’re using it because it works.

About the Author:
Lior Levin is a marketing consultant for a psd to html company and for few other Internet companies.

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  1. Good article, to study.

  2. Starting to look for an email marketing provider and not sure what to look for? Finding the right email services can be harder than it probably should be. Because of the splurge of spam that caused the creation of the Can-Spam Act in 2003 you must have an email management solution.

  3. damonieheal says:

    Keep up the good work .Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  4. Just what the world now is that I am agreeing on to the people who are using online marketing. We all know that most people are into the internet, even to the old ones. This may less compare to TV Medias but this is also much effective way in the sense that there are huge chances that your market will be visited.

  5. German says:

    Great Article, i think that it is very useful to get a good mailing campain.

  6. Nice write-up, monitoring how well your emails are doing it pivotal to improving their efficiency. People should also consider subject lines and the specific email marketing service that they intend to sign up to, because the discrepancy between pricing can be fairly big.

  7. Terry says:

    I want to start email sending list for the subscribers

    I would be grateful to any advice to start the emailers and please suggest a good service provider

  8. Email marketing is a new concept of internet marketing. and i thing its a powerful way. with the email marketing we can targeted to particular client. and its a easy and effective way to promote your website.

  9. Email marketing is an important off site SEO tactic. What makes this technique nice, is the fact that you are actually marketing your products or services to interested individuals who signed in for subscription. Hence, these customers are more likely inclined to make a genuine purchase of your items/services.

  10. email marketing is hard. I sent out my first one last week to businesses and didn’t get a single response from nearly a thousand emails – could have cried!

  11. Sharron says:

    I used constant ontact to send out my first emailer they provide all reporting features and opt outs etc, it was good but costs.

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  15. Nice article. Simple thoughts but will help those interested in starting out with email marketing. I use MailChimp and that helps massively and also has an iPhone app to track the status of your campaign on the move.

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