Should SEO Services Be Specialized?

SEO is an extremely important part of online marketing and it needs to be done well to compete. There are so many websites out there offering the same thing that you do, or something very similar and it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Most businesses don’t have the proper SEO knowledge, resources, or time to dedicate to it themselves. Any smart business realizes that it’s a huge undertaking so they start looking for consultants or agencies to assist them with their SEO. If you’ve been researching SEO companies it’s likely that you’ve come across firms that specialize in a given industry. They only work with lawyers, dentists, etc. You may be wondering- is specialized SEO necessary?

The simple answer is no. In fact, in many cases it’s in your best interest to NOT use specialized services. Industry specialized SEO companies may tout that they are the best ones for the job because they have all of this insider knowledge. This may be true, but it could actually work against you.

Specialized service providers often have a “one size fits all” approach which results in stifled creativity. Your SEO plan will most likely look exactly like someone else’s. Even if you aren’t direct competitors, don’t you want something that is customized to your individual needs? Not all lawyers are exactly the same. This approach is especially bad if you aren’t a local company and offer products or services across multiple markets. If you work with a specialized agency, it’s likely that they are also working with your competitors and don’t have an allegiance. It’s a conflict of interest that makes it very difficult to break through the noise and clutter online. After all, there can only be one top spot in Google for every keyword. If your strategy mirrors that of a competitor, how will you ever get ahead?

When working with one specialty, it’s also easy to get lazy and assume that what is working or isn’t working for one client is the same across the board. Specialized SEO companies might make assumptions and fail to do all of the research that’s necessary up front thinking that they “already did it”. They will likely plug in the same keywords and meta tags and use the same link building strategies without thinking outside of the box at all. What works for Client A will work for Client B. Done and done.

If you limit your search to the specialized SEOs you are missing out on working with some great people. The SEO industry as a whole isn’t meant to be specialized. Good SEOs work with a variety of clients and are able to get results no matter what the industry. That is because a good SEO company takes the time to understand the client and their target audience and what kinds of marketing (both online and offline) that they do. They are in contact with the client on a regular basis. Each client is viewed as unique and treated that way. Just because an SEO company has never worked with a client in your industry, it does not mean that they won’t do a good job. In fact, a fresh pair of eyes can help immensely.

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