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The number of people browsing the web and searching for information on a mobile device continues to increase over time. Eventually, the majority of cell phone users will be using smart phones. What are these people searching for? Mostly, they are searching for local products and services, which makes sense if you think about it. Mobile Internet use allows people to find answers immediately. Previously, people spent a lot more time planning an outing before leaving the house. Smart phone use has changed our behavior to searching in the here and now. Instead of planning ahead, they simply take out their phone to find a restaurant nearby when they get hungry or a movie theater nearby when they want to be entertained. This means that it’s even more important for local businesses to have a well optimized search presence. You might be right around the corner, but if you don’t show up on our phone, you might as well not even exist.

Here are a few tips for surviving in the smart phone era:

Think Local, Even If You’re Not
Even if you offer services or sell products to people across the country, a local profile can’t hurt. It establishes that you have a physical location and are an actual company, which goes a long way in alleviating any fears of an online scam. Though it may seem silly today, there are still plenty of people that don’t trust what they see online.

Provide Contact Info
Include your physical address, mailing address, phone number, and names of cities, towns, and neighborhoods that you serve on every page of your website. This information establishes your location and makes it easy for a customer to find you.

Submit to Local Directories
This is an important part of a local SEO link building campaign. Basic listings to the Google, Bing, and Yahoo! local directories are free and well worth the time that it takes to submit them since they rank well. It’s also a good idea to submit your site to other local listing sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Local.com. There may also be some local niche or industry specific directories for local businesses.

Incorporate Locally Targeted Keywords
When doing keyword research, always think nationally first, and then incorporate local terms. It’s a good idea to use the city and the city and state. For example, if your keyword research tells you that “decorative art gallery” is a good keyword, target “San Francisco decorative art gallery” and “San Francisco CA decorative art gallery”. If you are located just outside of a large city, use your city and the large city to increase traffic.

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  1. rob says:

    Great tips it’s easy to forget Bing and Yahoo Local Directories, mostly just promote using google. Hadnt used Locally Targeted Keywords either so will start. Cheers

    • Vishwas says:

      Good point, Rob. People give importance to Google only and conveniently forget about other search engines. In fact, I made the same mistake. But it is never too late, I guess.

  2. pokhara says:

    ggod post, for local seo. Thankx admin

  3. This all has been so very helpful thanks so much

  4. Marv says:

    I like this post about local search optimization. Nice tips about SEO. Thanks for giving us information. 🙂

  5. Think Local, Even If You’re Not
    Provide Contact Info
    Submit to Local Directories
    Incorporate Locally Targeted Keywords

  6. Viola says:

    Having a local address and a phone number that is easy to find is extremely important on a website; it puzzles me why even bigger companies fail at this.

    Thanks for reminding me to submit my website to other local directories then Google…


  7. great stuff i read this wonderful article and get lot lot of good words for me

  8. I think people need to look at their Google Places profile and have that optimized by having keywords in description with plenty of pictures and positive reviews with the same keywords in it from different IP addresses. That has seemed to help many that we work with.

  9. Web hosting says:

    Great ideas people should be looking at, look at how the net has changed in the last few years. Just like real estate as it gets bigger, niche becomes more and more important.


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  14. Gauri says:

    This is very good and informative article which is based on local search optimization tips. I will be implemented in my projects.
    Great post admin.

  15. Gauri says:

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  17. acissoft says:

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  18. Local marketing is huge right now… and will only become even more important.

  19. Nice tips for optimization my blog in search engine.

  20. discovery says:

    Nice tips, thanks to postman)

  21. Warez says:

    Heh, I like table of how to get Page rank

  22. Nice article for local search engine optimization. I will implement this tips to optimize my site.

  23. I guess if you blog a lot, the local search will kick in automatically from your postings. I use an IPhone 4 and I absolutely hate surfing the web on it. And as far as reading blogs, if they don’t have a mobile plugin I don’t even bother.

    For the writers and bloggers the more you reference local landmarks, regional events and hotspots and geography the better. Across the street from my house my neighbor is getting his roof done. Of course the workers stuck a tyvex lawn sign in his grass. What blew my mind was they had a keyword rich url at the bottom of the sign. And I found their site both in Google and their Facebook page. And it wasn’t some static brochure either, it had videos, a quote page and a newsletter optin. It says a lot when local roofers are getting savvy to leveraging local search.

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  25. Window cleaning company scottsdale says:

    Always look forward to your posts. Great info on local seo.

  26. The search engines are actually giving more priority to local search than to global search now. One way to leverage this shift is to claim your Google Places listing and optimize it properly. Complete it to the max – and you’ll find it much easier to get a nice spot in the rankings.

  27. orchard bank says:

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  28. alex says:

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  29. Joseph Ling says:

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  34. Bocky says:

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  35. Susma says:

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  38. Wayne says:

    Any tips for promoting a discussion forum? Obviosly I have used search terms related to poultry farming as it is a discussion about poulty – but I am battling to think of search words that people would use to find a forum – if they even would? talk poultry discuss poultry….? any tips would be appreciated.

  39. CBSE says:

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  40. SEO Reseller says:

    The local search is very easy to obtain but we need to have a good competitor analysis.

  41. With more and more people searching online for products and services instead of browsing their phone book, listing your business along with a company profile will help optimize your website locally, thus generating you a better and more targeted traffic.

  42. thanks for sharing nice info about local seo, infact never clicked in mind about localizing keywords for seo. try to implement at the earliest.

  43. I will try to implement this information to my clients site. Since Local SEO now a days is booming. Most of my clients wants to rank their keywords in their respective areas. Thank you for sharing.

  44. NISM says:

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