5 Important Video Marketing Tips

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.  This proves that people want to watch videos to learn and to be entertained.  It’s important for marketers to take advantage of this and incorporate videos into their online marketing strategy.  While it may seem overwhelming, it really doesn’t have to be.  To make a video, all a company really needs is a camera, someone to film, and some simple editing software.  Videos can be made about just about anything ranging from a tour of the office, an employee interview, or a client testimonial.

Here are 5 video marketing tips:

Provide Value
A marketing video needs to serve a purpose and provide viewers with some sort of value. Like any other form of marketing communication, content is key.    If there doesn’t seem to be any reason to watch the video, people will quickly click away from it and be annoyed that they wasted their time.  The video shouldn’t be too long.  The point is to pique the interest of the viewer and leave them wanting more.  The goal of any marketing video should be for the person watching it to take some sort of action after viewing it, such as making a call or filling out a lead form.

Optimize Each Video
Search engine optimization isn’t just for text based content.  When uploading a video online it’s important to optimize them using targeted keywords in the titles, descriptions, and links.  Videos can rank in the search engines, too.

Don’t Limit Yourself to YouTube
Sure, YouTube is the most well known video uploading and sharing site but there are numerous others such as Vimeo, Metacafe, Break, Daily Motion, and Yahoo Video.  Be sure to check those sites out as well.  Utilize social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to promote videos by posting and tweeting links to them.  It’s also a good idea to incorporate some videos into your website.  Providing an interesting video that users will want to watch will decrease website bounce rate.

Videos Shouldn’t Replace Other Important Content
Marketing videos can be great promotional tools, but it’s important to not overdo it.  Not everybody loves to watch videos and some people still prefer to browse through a website and read the text based content to find the information that they are looking for.  A video should never replace all of the other necessary elements of a website.

Have Fun With It
Producing a video provides an opportunity to make a business seem more personable and relatable.  A video can give a face and voice to the company and prove that there is more to the business than corporate “robots” that hide behind their computers all day.  It’s okay to have some fun with the process of creating and uploading a video.  However, it’s important to always keep the brand and company mission in mind when creating videos.  Never post anything too informal or inappropriate because it could hurt a company reputation.

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17 Responses to 5 Important Video Marketing Tips

  1. Lilyponds says:

    Just wondering if you think that the quality of the video counts… Will it hurt or harm if I’m uploading webcam video?

    • Addme says:

      Hi Lilyponds,

      I would imagine that you’d want to ensure the video is clear and easy to watch, some cheaper webcams are not that great for creating video’s – I’d suggest you invest in a cheap digital camera to create the video.


  2. Video gets more attention than any other media of advertisement.For making the video only shooting is not important, the above points also counts.Thanks for nice guidance.

  3. I am a new loan officer and I need help with marketing. What are some creative ways to get your name out to the public? I heard visiting real estate offices is a good way to find business and putting flyers on people’s doors is another. Does anyone have any other tips

  4. icecube says:

    I have a question . i have my own video cms & i want that people would come & could used my media for uploading videos. whatever i welcomes your suggestions.

  5. Video has to be both fun and educative in something useful, then with a good lights and resolution, because the idea is people to watch it.

  6. victor says:

    thank you for the tips

  7. Jon Fletcher says:

    We have 3 self catering cottages all on the same site with a
    swimming pool, wine tastings etc…
    Would we just video the cottages inside and out and the facilities and up load this onto youtube? Should we add voice to the video?
    And how do potential clients get in touch with us?

    Can you help?

    Warmest Regards


    • Addme says:

      Hi Jon,

      These are all valid questions. I do not think you would need voice with the videos, as a personal preference I’d limit the amount of audio you use on any website as this can be very annoying for the visitor.

      You can host the video’s on YouTube and embed these into your website, if they choose to contact you they can via your website.

      I hope this helps!

  8. Faresline says:

    Hi,few video medical explanation I was add in my website,but Google does`t find yet.I wait.The website is http://www.infodisease.com

  9. oen says:

    nice tutorial for upload video marketing, right, however video can’t replace the point of content that is text

  10. I’m planning to input video blog post in my blogs… and i think it will boast my traffic and make my blogging for alive.

    anyway, thanks for sharing video sites apart from Youtube!

  11. Its an really useful idea for uploading video marketing.Then list of tips will easily understandable.so keep share always.Thanks this type of post.

  12. Wow, really great tips for vedio marketing. vedio marketing is something is really necessary one. I always prefer to read good quality contents and I think I have found it on your post here. Thanks!

  13. creating and uploading a video. However, it’s important to always keep the brand and company mission in mind when creating videos. Never post anything too informal or inappropriate because it could hurt a company reputation.

  14. Daisy Bono says:

    Video is a very effective tool in online marketing. Thanks for the head start. Keep sharing!

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