The Right Way to Use Social Media

For many businesses social media is overwhelming at first.  There is a lot to learn in order to use it correctly.  The first step is to understand the tools that are available.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are the major players in the social media game.  While they have some similarities and were all created with sharing and making connections in mind, they are separate entities and should be treated as such.  Before starting any social media campaign it’s best to do some research to figure out which social media outlets are best for your business.  There might even be some niche social sites that cater to your industry specifically.  See what competitors are doing in the social space.  Once you’ve figured out the right strategy for each of these tools it’s time to decide on goals and a long term plan. 

Here are 5 tips to use social media successfully:

Update Consistently
There is much more to social media networking than merely setting up a page.  That is really just the start.  If a business just sets up a page and then doesn’t touch it, they might as well have not wasted their time setting it up at all.  In order to be effective a social media page needs to be updated consistently.  However, it’s important to not annoy followers either by updating too often.  Sometimes there’s a fine line between the two.  The key is to find the right balance.  

Join the conversation
It’s called “social media” for a reason.  The whole point is to be social!  If someone makes a comment regarding your company or brand, whether it is positive or negative, it’s important to respond to them.  Ask your connections questions that encourage a response.  In order to gain more followers, follow others and engage with them to get noticed.  Join groups that are relevant to your industry to network. 

Be interesting
Social media is a great place to give your business a little bit more personality.  It’s okay to lighten up and be personable.  It’s likely that your target audience will appreciate that you aren’t a robot.  Just be careful and don’t take it too far.  Remember, you are still representing your brand. 

Engage your target audience
There are numerous ways to engage with your audience using social media.  Many companies have luck by running contests or including interesting quizzes to get people involved with the brand. 

Social media is a great place to promote what your company is doing both online and offline.  Use your social media profiles to let your target audience know about events that you will be attending or any upcoming sales that might be occurring.  Social media is also a great place to promote your other online marketing efforts such as blog posts or articles. 

In order to find any success using social media the above tactics need to be used consistently.  While social media may be “free”, it takes time and effort to do it well.  Before implementing a social media strategy it’s important to have the necessary resources. 

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  1. little bit more personality. It’s okay to lighten up and be personable. It’s likely that your target audience will appreciate that you aren’t a robot. Just be careful and don’t take it too far. Remember, you are still representing your brand.

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