How Sociable are You on The Social Web?

Today I want to share with you a great little social networking tool called How Sociable: It is a tool designed to report on a brand’s visibility within the social web.

At a recent eBay event one of the guest speakers started talking about how we can leverage social platforms and drive traffic from these platforms to our sites and stores, one of the tricks is knowing which platform to target, enter How Sociable.

Using How Sociable is simple, enter your brand into the search box and click the button, the tool queries a variety of social networks for your brand. Within seconds the tool presents an easy to read graphical report. The report contains a count for each time your “brand” appeared with in each network. You can then click on each social network and view in more detail where and how you’re appearing.


This tool has two major benefits:

  1. It helps you identify where your brand is strong within certain networks and also highlights where your brand is lacking.
  2. You can snoop around for your competitors brand, if they’re missing a gap in the social network it’s a great place to jump in a claim your part of the social internet world.

There is also an option to have this report emailed to you on a regular basis, helping you regularly track the shift in brands on the social web.

Check out the video on how to use How Sociable!

Again, enough from me – check it out and see how powerful and simple How Sociable really is.

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3 Responses to How Sociable are You on The Social Web?

  1. Cinn Fields says:

    wow. I guess our low scores aren’t really a surprise, but … ouch. Well, glad to have a complete list to work off of. It can be a challenge promoting an intentional community

  2. I use addthis social buttons for my site: and I’m pretty

  3. This tool will be more helpful for me.

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