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A profitable website is a traffic rich website, the simple maths are; more traffic to your website the more revenue, sales and leads you will generate.
Website traffic can come from a variety of different sources; the traffic source can dictate the traffic quality and demographic. For example; if you have a website that services only Northern America, traffic from Europe or Australia is not going to be much help to you, so is poor quality traffic (for your website).
There are two popular means of driving traffic to your website, paid traffic i.e. Cost Per Click and Banner ads and organic traffic i.e. search engine optimization, blogging.

Paid Traffic Methods

Banner Advertising – this involves creating a banner about your website and buying space on partnering sites to display your banner. Make sure you double check that your banner is working and clicking through to your website. Seems like common sense right, unfortunately in my experience it is often not done.
CPC – Cost Per Click advertising, the most popular form of CPC is Google AdWords. Paying Google to display an ad within their search results based on a certain search term you nominate.
Buy Click Traffic – This service lets you choose how much traffic you want to your site, you can also choose traffic demographics i.e. location and even vertical such as shopping traffic, beauty traffic, arts and craft traffic etc.
Guaranteed Inclusion – Some search engines still offer this service, you pay a flat fee for 12 months this guarantees your website will be included in the search engine and re crawled on a regular basis for 12 months.
Contextual Advertising – These are small links within text that act as advertisements and are billed on a CPC (Cost Per Click) arrangement.
*if you are paying for traffic make sure you are tracking the traffic – this can be done via website analytics programs.

Organic Traffic Methods

Link Building – A link from another website can help drive traffic to your website. You can get links on other sites by writing content for the website i.e. guest blogger or via link exchange – you link to their site and they link back. Link exchanges work best when there are 3 sites involved in the exchange, thus creating a triangle effect.
Blog Comments -Where possible comment on blogs such as this one. Comments can include a link back to your website  (make sure it a valuable comment and not just for link purposes).
Social Networking – Using Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc to drive traffic to your site is simple and very effective. Promoting to a trusted audience gets the best response and can help further promote your site amongst your friends ‘friends’. Include a link to your site within your profile or tweet about your site, perhaps featuring a specific web page.
Website URL Promotion – Make sure you promote your website URL on your business card, email signature, letter head and any other promotion you are doing.
Search Engine Submission – Submit your website URL to search engines, Google generates a high volume of traffic to website but let’s not forget there are 100’s of other search engines out there wanting a piece of the Google action.
The above has touched on the more popular ways of driving traffic to a website, since the web is becoming more intuitive and clever, there are constantly new ways of driving traffic to your website.
Keep trying new methods to see what works for your website and if you have come across an effective way of driving traffic please share it with the rest of us here on the blog.
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14 Responses to Increase Website Traffic

  1. ssteve says:

    Very valuable source of information about increasing traffic on ones website!!We make the use of seo for increasing traffic on our website.
    For more do visit

  2. George Z. says:

    Thanks for providing the different methods one can use to drive traffic to one’s website. The free as well as the paid methods can drive serious visitors. But I think banners are not too effective as in the past.

  3. Very helpful. I have just recently launched my website and I am trying to drive traffice to it. This has been very helpful.

  4. sell my car says:

    Awesome information, extremely helpful. I am looking at paying for some clicks at the moment but Im not too sure how effective that will be.
    Anyway, thanks for the tips!

  5. Blog Internet Marketing says:

    for me blog comments is priority methode to increase website traffic. thanks.

  6. Indeed a very good read! Very informative post with pretty good insight on all aspects of the topic! Will keep visiting in future too!

  7. i receive an email from someone asking me if i permit guest posting, may i know the perks of it apart from link exchange?


  8. energyadvise says:

    I have never had much success with conversions on paid searches. But, since I turned my website into a Blog I have been making a reasonable living from it. Although its difficult to come up with fresh material, I have found that, from my 800 plus pages, a few of them get regular organic visits.
    I will continue to blog on!

  9. HowToJuice says:

    Thanks for your tips and valuable source of information about increasing traffic for recently launched my website (wordpress blog).
    Thank you very much!

  10. Vida says:

    Very helpful info. We all know how is important to drive more traffic to website. For newbies I’d recommend use organic traffic methods at first.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. Ferb WL says:

    Magnificent tips, Is helps me a lot but unfortunately, there are a lot of place for advertise. so which of those do you recommenced to deal with. thanks a lot.

  12. For newbies like me, i found this artical very useful and helpful. I will recomend this to others.

  13. Rahimah says:

    I built a main website which lots of links target from the other major huge traffics. Google will lists down all the links from my webmaster tools, so that I can just follow them for the next websites development. The above tips show me more tricks about attracting more huge traffics with smart work.Thanks Addme

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