Test Your Email Creative!

Like you, each morning I sit down at the desk, wherever it may be and
start sifting through my emails. Although I manage to keep spam at a
minimum, some do get through, most are pretty awful, but some are
better targeted and I click on them as they are relevant to me.

I recently received a special offer from an email marketing company which I won’t name and shame, I clicked through one of the links in the email, which sent me to a 404 error page (page not found), hmmm. I then go back and try another link on the page – the same again… “The page cannot be found”.

WOW…. I’ve been sent an email advertisement from an email marketing company and all the links are broken, great first impression. This all could have been avoided if the creative was tested correctly.

Testing Email Creative

Testing is non-negotiable when sending a mass email campaign / solo email to a list, and should only take an extra hour of your time.

To help with this I’ve provided a quick email test list for you to check off each time you’re about to hit the send button.

Email Check List

  • Spell check subject line and email copy
  • Click on ALL links in the email making sure you’re being sent to the correct landing page
  • Check your email against spam filters i.e. Spam assassin
  • Create a “test” list and send the email to this list making sure it arrives in one piece and is still formatted correctly.
  • Check you have included a unsubscribe link
  • Check the reply to address
  • Make sure you’re contact details (physical address, phone and fax number) are also found within the email

Follow these simple 7 points and you should start seeing a much better open and click through rate (plus less complaints) from your email marketing campaign.

Good luck!

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    Use Outlook express

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