Twitter + Google Maps = Trendsmap

Here I go again, banging on about Twitter, Twitter’s growth has been
massive and interesting uses for the micro blogging service keep

One of the most interesting and valuable things about Twitter is
the real time data available. You can see within seconds what is
popular around the global twitter network, giving you an instant snap
shot of current trends and topics around the world.
Great, but what if you want the trends in your own country, region or city? How do you drill down?

This brings me to Trendsmap!

I was hunting for some real time twitter stats the other night and came across Trendsmap a combination of popular Twitter topics and Google maps
Basically, it breaks down tweets and twitter trends, highlighting the areas of the globe where these topics are popular. The larger the cloud word the more popular the topic is, VERY COOL!
The usual zoom in and out features are available with a flick of the mouse wheel. Some other quick navigation elements such as “My City” and “My Region” should make for quick navigation to your locale although it does not appear to work that way just yet, shame.

Click on a topic and you will see a dialog box showing you real time tweets about the topic from people in the selected region (mine was Halloween in Los Angeles).  Drill down by topic or location by clicking on the these within the dialog box. Topping off the visual twitter fest is a 7 day trend graph for the topic.

Click the play button in the above video to find out more detail on how this cool tool works.

Although the tool still appears to be a little buggy, it is a great one to have bookmarked, it helps you keep up to date not only of real time twitter topic, but also giving you local twitter knowledge and trends, definitely handy for any online marketer.

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14 Responses to Twitter + Google Maps = Trendsmap

  1. AQAR says:

    Twitter + Google Maps = Trendsmap.

  2. John says:

    Trendsmap could turn out to be one of the most important marketing tools.Using it in conjunction with other Free Twitter Tools such as Twitter Earth , It Means you can target your twitter marketing campaigns by location and topic

  3. Addme says:

    Very true John.
    I’ve just been taking a look at very interesting indeed 🙂

  4. kitchen says:

    Thanks so much for the info, it is very useful, make to specific target keyword and location.

  5. Great….. thanks for the useful posting….

  6. Forex says:

    Luv the twits – Google maps+Twitter = what a graet idea

  7. John O'Ryan says:

    What an interesting tool. Twitter is awesome and some of the interesting sites that have come out around it are also quite neat.

  8. Kamoga Chris says:

    This is something that any advertiser is going to try as much as possible to benefit from.

  9. SEO Company says:

    Awesome post. I really like this post very much. This has given me a new direction to think about as I would not have thought about it myself, although i am not convinced its the best approach ……

  10. Jessica Londel says:

    Thats great

  11. Domy says:

    Well… I don’t think that will work. However we will check this out soon. This is similar to the whole politics this is just awesome. I didn’t knew about that. But know this is clear for me.

  12. What an interesting tool. Twitter is awesome and some of the interesting sites that have come out around it are also quite neat.

  13. An says:

    Yep, this is a very interesting tool. Just imagine being able to jive into a trending topic the easy way. You could easily get your site instant attention if you are up-to-date with what everybody is talking from around the world.

    Anna Molly

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