New Search Engine – Goby

Let’s take a breather from all this hardcore SEO / Twitter stuff for
the time being and have a quick look at an interesting search engine I
found the other day,

In the words of the Goby creators:

“Goby (GO-be) is a new search engine that’s all about finding fun ways to spend your free time, from a weekend to a week off.”

Using Goby you can create your own adventure, at the least you can get
an idea of what’s on in your surrounding areas or regions you are
headed to on the weekend / during the week.

The beauty of Goby is it searches multiple event calendars; presenting all possible events in the one location. From past experience this has always proven to be somewhat of a pain, organizing and trying locate weekend activities.

Another brilliant feature, best suited to the traveler is the “Places to stay” feature, helping the user locate hotels, hostels, bed and breakfasts and more.

Since I love my travel and always keen to check out new hostels I decided to tease myself with a search for hostels near Los Angeles .


The results page was packed with valuable information and a couple of nice tools enabling me to drill down and refine my search. Other handy features included “What’s nearby”, photos of the hostels and more.

Goby is a brilliant idea, there are still some bugs that need to be ironed out plus some regional versions of the platform would also be nice i.e. UK, Australia etc.

Definitely worth a look!

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6 Responses to New Search Engine – Goby

  1. AD says:

    Thank you for this information

  2. Scott JAcob says:

    Thanks guys, Anyone know whether they will be gather event data from the other local references like citysearch, meetup, evite?

  3. Addme says:

    Hi Scott,
    You may want to contact they guys @ Goby directly and suggest / ask this question. It appears they may give you a free T-shirt 🙂 (If they’re reading this I will have one please)

  4. teddie says:

    Ive been researching this and I’ll have to agree

  5. good article, additional you to my RSS reader.

  6. Awesome thing. We’ll see how this will work.

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