Start Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

I’ve been asked for some tips on how to start driving traffic to a new
online store, whilst writing the email I thought it best to share this
with the rest of you I hope you can all benefit from some of these
ideas – often the simplest steps are over looked.

There are a few things I would suggest for you to do which should move
you forward in search optimisation and traffic generation.

XML Sitemap
Create and submit a XML sitemap to the tier 1 search engines, this will ensure that the site and all its pages are indexed (included in the search engine) as this is often a major battle for large ecommerce sites.

Create Sitemap

Submit Sitemap

Search Engine and Directory Submission

Create a free account and complete a full search engine submission (this will cost you either USD $25 once off or USD $125 for 12 months). These submissions help increase your long tail traffic from the tier 2 and 3 search engines as well as build back links from directories.

Product Feeds

Product feed sites are a great way of capitalizing on traffic from popular product feed sites at the same time getting exposure for your site and products and driving sales.

Local Business Listings

I’d also look into doing a local business listing with Google, Yahoo and MSN. We offer a local business optimization and listing service with our local business listing product they will manage this for you, else you can do this for free at each search engine.

Follow the above points and getting selling.

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15 Responses to Start Driving Traffic to Your Online Business

  1. KIRK FORNEY says:

    Very informative article about driving traffic to website. link building and getting free viral traffic is the most importnat way for online success. check out this great free site to get unlimited free links and free website traffic!

  2. Since I start using some of the tips from this site I have generated more backlinks. I
    Thank you!

  3. Addme says:

    Hi milkaveronica,
    Thanks for the feedback – always nice to know we can help!

  4. darquan says:

    I enjoyed your article and will begin using the suggestions immediately.
    I have also came across this site…tell me what you think!

  5. SEO Company says:

    Short but good article with very useful links. I liked your approach. Thanks!

  6. spencer says:

    I am a newbie to Blogger. what is the easiest way to find out my Feed address? I have surfed the web and came up with 4 possibles. I tried FeedBurner but it wants my user name and password which I dont know. Any Help?

  7. shyam says:

    hi i feel nice to read this blog on net.
    Shyam bisht

  8. Dave says:

    I agree that google sitemaps is very important. For bloggers using self hosted wp themes I recommend the google xml sitemap plugin. Hands down! As far as link building is concerned isn’t it important to link build with the most relative sites and not linkfarms?

  9. Candid Tech says:

    This is the summary of the all that is needed to succeed online.

  10. Dan Sharkey says:

    I learned from my design company,, all I needed to know about SEO. I realized that I was missing out on a valuable marketing tool. For searchers to click on your site they have to find your site and you can’t buy good positioning in search results like you can with ads, sponsored listings or PPC. Most searchers don’t go past the first three pages of search results and some don’t even go past the first page. I can’t afford to lose these customers so optimized my site with the best keywords. So if you think SEO isn’t important, think again, because your competition knows how important it is and they are doing what they can to take advantage of it.

  11. film izle says:

    I enjoyed your article and will begin using the suggestions immediately.
    I have also came across this site…tell me what you think!

  12. Laura says:

    Very helpful info. Thank you.

  13. Pricekart says:

    Nice post, these technique’s are old but very important, i don’t think these few things will ever change.

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