Make Email Auto Responders Work

Now here’s a thought and it was jogged by an email I received just this morning.

I’ve complained about email auto responder once before, though I think this was over Twitter. The reason being that when we shoot out our newsletter I get 1,000’s of thank you emails etc; all of these auto responders.

Granted this is a nice, reassuring message to get when you’ve just sent an email to someone, knowing they received your message and will get back to you in 24 hours (though I’m yet to see too many people reply within 24 hours).

Look at this from a commercial aspect, what about the value of an auto responder / thank you email when someone has just signed up to your mailing list?

For those of you (which should be all) that have signed up to the AddMe newsletter, you know that I send out a confirmation email and the latest newsletter.

1. Let the subscriber know we have their address in the database

2. Welcomes the new subscriber to the list (otherwise known as the AddMe family)

3. They’ve asked to join the mailing list so let’s send them out the latest newsletter, some reading to tide them over till the next newsletter comes out.

4. They may have been interested in a service or product we’re offering and requested more information.

The 4th point is where an auto responder is perfect from commercial use!

Let’s say you have a customer who is interested in buying product x, they’ve read your website and figured they might have a use for this in later days, weeks or months so they sign up for your email newsletter.

Tracking where they sign up from (Product Page X) send them out a customized email, informing them of added benefits of product x or possibly a special offer enticing them to “buy now”. You’d be surprised how an incentive can help bring that sale over the line.

Creating such a auto responder can require some coding though some tools and email marketing programs that can support such a facility, one in particular I would recommend is ConstantContact.

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  1. ConstantContact is good if you’re just starting out but I’m a big fan of Infusionsoft for blending auto responders with CRM with drip campaigns, ecommerce and more.

  2. fantastic post!!! I’m totally looking forward to reading more articles!!!

  3. Bryant says:

    Very interesting post – it was new to me. Thanks.

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