Bing Search Market Share Up

More news on Bing (MSN, Windows Live etc) this week – according to Nielsen Bing has acquired over 10% market share.

Yes, the little engine that could, can and just might (well, they’re a way off yet).

Yes Bing has yet again closed the gap on Google, increasing search engine market share to 10.7 % in August. This growth indicated by its massive Month on Month growth of 22.1%, leaving Yahoo for dead with a negative growth rate of -4.2% (ouch).

august-09-search-engine-market-share.gifSource: Nielsen MegaView Search

Google still has a strong hold on the search space with 64.6% share though I do like to entertain the thought that one day Google will share some of this and the game will even up.

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  1. The primary reason why (in my opinion) that google has been ranking first since their search tab is really cool. It automatically searches that thing that you want to search without going to any search engine website (as it is a search engine website itself). It saves up time and keeps you updated with events in history. Aside from that it automatically gives us option to translate the page in whatever language we like.

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