Bing Bling!

How cool is this, Bing (you know, one of the other search engines) is giving away cash and a cool Bing backpack.

Bing are running a competition, the winner (seven prize packs in total) will receive a $500 VISA cash card and a cool Bing backpack. They say this is all in time for back to school since summer is halfway done and students “should” be thinking about buying their back to school gear (hence the backpack).

Beginning today, follow @bingcashback, each day until July 31st Bing will tweet a cashback trivia question, whoever @replies with the right answer within one hour becomes eligible to win.

Obviously the answers can be found by using Bing, a nice way of introducing people into new and yet to be discovered search tools and features of Bing.

I’d enter though US residence only – enjoy and good luck!

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