How to Appeal to Users of Instagram With Visual Campaigns

How to Appeal to Users of Instagram With Visual Campaigns

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is one of the most popular social networking platforms that focuses on visuals to relay messages, thoughts, and stories. Instagram allows users to upload single photos, collages, and even video clips that can be edited with the use of filters and other built-in tools the app provides. Appealing to users of Instagram with visual campaigns can drastically increase followers and interest in your brand, whether you’re promoting a clothing line or a website that offers free content. Implementing a few tips when creating your next Instagram marketing campaign helps to maximize your reach and overall ROI. 

Use Professional Photos and Graphics

Heavy Instagram users are familiar with a wide range of advertising and marketing tactics. They are drawn to professional visuals and steer clear of graphics or photographs that appear outdated, grainy, or simply low-quality. When launching an Instagram for your brand, utilize professional photography, graphics, and videos by purchasing premium creative materials and resources. If you are unfamiliar with Photoshop and other editing software, consider hiring a professional graphic designer or photographer or opt for services such as and to create images and graphics with assistance.

Create a Branded Look for Your Social Media Presence

When visiting successful Instagram pages in your industry, you are likely to stumble upon a “branded” look and feel for each. Creating a branded look and feel for your social media presence on Instagram is useful for building a professional reputation while appealing to a set target audience and demographic.

Consider the color scheme you want to utilize (often relating to your logo’s colors) and how you want your photos to appear. Are you looking for an avant-garde look and feel or do you want to take advantage of modern minimalism? Spend time looking over color schemes that work with your brand’s logo and that “pop” or stand out when scrolling quickly as users do while browsing Instagram. Take advantage of A/B testing with multiple color schemes to find which choice provokes more engagement and a better reaction from your current audience before launching a more widespread campaign. Research other Instagram accounts that are most relevant to your own for inspiration and ideas on how to best present yourself to prospective followers and customers.

Allow Contributions From “Micro-Influencers”

Rather than dishing out a large chunk of cash for an endorsement from a large online influencer, consider syncing up with “micro-influencers” in your market. Reach out to micro-influencers in your network individually to learn more about their brand while building a professional relationship with them. Working with multiple micro-influencers allows more opportunity for online reach while providing you with the ability to communicate and connect with other professionals and their base of followers directly.

Teaser Graphic and Video Media

Use teaser graphics and video media when launching a campaign on Instagram. Build the suspense for your followers by showcasing only portions of your final campaign images or videos to keep them coming back for more. Offer elusive and ambiguous messaging to keep your followers wondering and guessing. Share bits and pieces of each campaign you plan to launch using Instagram to build interest and intrigue in your brand. Avoid sharing images and video content repeatedly, as this can quickly lead to followers losing interest or unfollowing your page altogether. Instead, create new derivative images and videos that blend with the overall message you want to relay and share with followers and those who have a genuine interest in learning more about your brand.

Incorporate Trending Hashtags Naturally

Research trending and relevant hashtags regularly before sharing a new post on your Instagram. Avoid spamming hashtags and phrases that are irrelevant or simply overdone and instead, incorporate only those that are most fitting for your brand and audience. If you are launching a video-centric campaign via Instagram, implement relevant hashtags throughout the video or towards the end of the video to catch the eyes of your followers.

With a keen understanding of how Instagram works, develop and execute marketing campaigns that resonate and deliver results. Using visuals such as graphics, professional photos, and even videos is a way to stand out from the competition while solidifying your brand in any market or industry.

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