Fall Campaigns to Boost Followers on Social Media

Fall Campaigns to Boost Followers on Social Media

Boosting followers on social media requires an authentic connection with your audience, whether you are promoting a book or selling clothing with your online eCommerce store. A campaign that resonates with followers promotes engagement and interest in your brand, which is why it is important to consider the audience and demographic you want to appeal to before going live with a new strategic promotion. In order to maximize your reach online when Fall begins to arrive, implement autumn-themed campaigns to increase your ROI and truly drive your promotion home.  

Use Fall-Themed Stock Photos and Graphics

Before launching a new promotion during Fall, gather an array of autumn-themed stock photos, graphics, and design elements to implement. Fall-themed photos and graphics may include leaves, pumpkins, and even warm coffees and lattes. Consider the interests and hobbies of your current followers to relate to new potential viewers of the promotion you plan to share.

Host a “Back to School” Contest or Giveaway

“Back to School” contests and giveaways are not entirely unique, though they are a great way to gain leverage against competitors when attempting to reach a wider audience. Using a “Back to School” promotion is ideal if your audience consists of parents or even children and teen who have an interest in winning free and relevant goodies before school is back in session. Offer freebies from your business (especially if you sell school-related items) or host a massive contest for a Visa gift card (perfect for users who do not have children or want to put the gift card to use how they please).

When launching a “back to school” promotion, implement fall-themed graphics and encourage (or require) followers to share your promotion publicly using their own social media accounts. The more shares and engagement your promotion receives, the easier it is to reach a much wider audience including those who may currently be unaware of your business and brand.

Autumn-Themed Promotions

Create autumn-themed promotions including Fall products as prizes such as coffees, teas, and even warmer clothing as the season approaches.  Use Fall-themed imagery and graphics to catch the eye of those who have a love for the season and enjoy awaiting its arrival. Implement bold typography and messaging that connects with your users. Avoid vague wording and images without meaning behind them, especially when you are promoting a Fall-centric campaign.

Share Social Media Updates Related to Fall

Get involved with your audience to increase engagement when launching a Fall promotion. Ask your followers about their favorite things about autumn and why. Connect and communicate with your users by answering inquiries and offering thanks to those who enjoy reading and sharing your posts. Building a positive reputation is a must for any brand looking to expand their reach, and is much easier when you have an ongoing and direct relationship with those who support you.

Use Top Fall Trends

Research top Fall trends among your audience and demographic. Gain in-depth insight into your followers’ wants by asking them for input and advice regarding a new promotion you plan to launch. If your business promotes hair products, share images and videos of “top hair trends this Fall” on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest each day. Actively sharing your “favorite things about Fall” or “top trends this Fall” is a great way to gain traction with new users while maintaining the interest of loyal followers you already have.

Keep updated with the latest hashtags and keywords that are the most popular and relevant to autumn. Utilizing hashtags such as “#fall”, “#autumn”, “#pumpkins”, and even “#backtoschool” helps to expand your audience reach while allowing you to showcase your promotion or campaign to even more users. Visit the pages of your followers to view and study some of the top keywords being used that are most relevant to your brand and business model.

Using autumn-themed promotions is a great way to generate buzz surrounding your brand while connecting with users who enjoy the arrival of the season. The more relevant your fall-themed promotions are, the easier it becomes to gain traction whether you are using Facebook ads or if you are simply sharing daily updates with your followers each day.

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