6 Free Tools To Win Your Blog More Social Traffic

6 Free Tools Social Media

Everyone talks about how crucial it is to use blogging and social media to draw attention to your brand. But you can churn out posts every day, and they will immediately get lost among hordes of content if you don’t have a way to make your site stand out.

With the right resources, it’s easier to develop highly shareable content and grow a large audience on social media. Start using these free blogging tools to step up your game and gain more visibility for your site.

1. Social Sharing Buttons

Online content has no value, unless people look at it. The point of pro blogging is to provide information that’s useful to a wide audience, so your content gets a “thumbs up” from search engines.

Social sharing buttons help you bypass the SEO gatekeepers altogether and bring people directly to your site via your existing audience. Take advantage of this advantageous moment when visitors are hyped about what they just read and excited to share it with others. Online word of mouth attracts fresh audiences that are more open to your message because it comes from people they know.

Every major website building program lets you add social sharing buttons for free. Not only does this make it easy for visitors to promote your content, but the increase in views boosts your search engine ranking.

2. Google Feedburner

Getting people to consistently read your blog is a challenge when they’re bombarded by content from every corner of the web. This is equally true for bloggers who want to keep up with other content producers, but don’t have time to check every site.

Use Google Feedburner to get condensed updates from sites and YouTube channels you subscribe and to manage your own published content. Subscription content goes to each user’s personal RSS feed, which reduces inbox clutter. In short, you have a better chance of attracting repeat visitors by making your site subscribable. As a publisher, you can track user metrics and identify the most high-performing content.

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you detailed stats about user behavior, so you can create a blog that’s optimized for success. By adding a piece of tracking code to your site, you can answer key questions such as:

  • How users navigated to your site
  • Pages where users enter and exit your site
  • The number of people visiting each page
  • Which content users interact with on your site
  • The length of time users stay on your site
  • What users search for on your site

Having a clear picture of user activity helps you remove problems that drive people away and pinpoint factors that lead to higher conversions. You can also link Analytics to your Google Adwords account to monitor how ad impressions relate to site performance.

4. Answer The Public

Struggling with blogging fatigue? Turn to Answer The Public for relevant topic ideas. When you enter a keyword, the site creates a detailed data map by analyzing the intentions behind a search query.

Let’s say you want to learn about public speaking skills. Answer The Public examines “who,” “what,” when,” “where,” “why”, “how,” and “which” to understand a user’s motivations. With this priceless aggregation tool, you can tackle a topic from many angles. It’s also valuable for developing long-form content that draws long-term traffic to blogs, such as guides.

*Very Cool Tool

5. YouTube

Not only do YouTube videos show up at the top of search results, but pages with video content earn a higher SEO ranking as well. Adding a video to a blog post can boost your click-through rates and backlinks. Not to mention, visitors are more likely to stay on your site when watching videos.

Starting a video channel also helps you tap into an entirely separate social media audience that might not otherwise read your blog. To grow your audience fast, create buzzworthy videos that surprise or challenge views and actionable content that shows people how to do something. For example, Buzzfeed has mastered the art of viral video, creating everything from puzzles and fitness challenges to product showdowns and cooking exploits.

6. Google Alerts

No one has time to stay on top of everything happen in their industry. With Google Alerts, you get automatic notifications sent to your email, based on your chosen keywords. You can set up alerts to see what others are saying about your brand and how often they quote or link to your content.

Google Alerts is essential if you frequently use newsjacking strategies to get more page views. Many trending topics quickly run out of steam. The faster you publish trending content, the easier it is to get social media shares and rank high in search.

Use free resources creatively to extend your blog’s reach at minimal cost. SEO-friendly blogging tools help you make purposeful decisions about content creation and increase your chances of gaining more site traffic.

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