Sales Leads On A Shoe String?

I'm a Small Business With a Limited Budget, What Should I Be Doing to Drive More Sales Leads?

“I’m a Small Business With a Limited Budget, What Should I Be Doing to Drive More Sales Leads?” 

We get asked this question almost every day, so we blogged about it…

Building a successful business from the ground up is no easy feat and rarely occurs overnight. Creating a growing following of customers and fans requires motivation, consistency, and plenty of determination. When you own a business and you are in need of driving more sales leads, there are a few methods to ensure you are maximizing your potential reach regardless of your budget.

Adwords Express

Adwords Express is one of the most popular services available to individuals and business owners alike who are interested in launching an online ad campaign. Adwords Express does not require in-depth coding and programming knowledge. Instead, using Adwords Express simplifies the entire process of reaching your target audience or demographic even if you have never launched an online advertising campaign in the past. Adwords Express is simplistic by nature and helps users to develop, create, and execute live ad campaigns in just 30 minutes (depending on the size of your ad campaign). Before launching an Adwords Express campaign, determine the target demographic you want to reach along with which keywords and phrases are most popular and relevant to your business model.

Social Media Pages

Setting up a social media page for your brand on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Snapchat is a way for you to better communicate with potential shoppers and those who have a genuine interest in your business and the products, content, or services you provide.

First, it is important to consider your current business model in order to determine which social networks are likely to deliver the best results (in terms of traffic, leads, and revenue generation). For B2C (business to customer) businesses, social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram are optimal as they provide a platform to speak directly to new potential customers and loyal followers. For B2B (business to business) models, networks such as LinkedIn are ideal, as the platform itself is designed to connect professionals with other colleagues, potential partners, and new affiliates. Once you have created an online presence using the right social networks, you can then begin expanding your online presence and building a professional reputation.

Create a posting schedule when updating your brand’s social media pages. Consistency is key during the early stages of growing a business, which is why it is so important to update your social media pages on a regular basis.  The more consistent you are with your social media posts, the easier it is to keep the attention of your followers, loyal customers, and even prospective shoppers who have yet to make a purchase.

Research topics that are most relevant to your audience, along with keywords that are popular and also relate to your brand. Understanding the wants and needs of your customers allows you to provide interesting, appealing, and useful content that helps to strengthen your brand’s overall authority. Becoming an authority in any industry is ideal when you want to lead with new products and services while instantly gaining the trust of those who want to purchase from you in the future.

Always ensure your social media pages appear professional using high-quality photos, graphics, and imagery to help better represent your business and brand. When a social media page represents a business and does not utilize professional graphics and imagery, it is much harder to gain the trust and interest of those who may genuinely be interested in learning more about what you have to offer. Using modern, sleek, and professionally-designed creative on your social media pages is a must to outshine the competition while solidifying your name and brand’s place within your industry.

Blog Your Experience

One way to appeal to potential customers who enjoy feeling appreciated is to blog about your day-to-day experiences with your customers. Blogging about how you run and operate your business, connect with shoppers, and build loyalty all help to boost your brand’s professional online reputation and presence. With a professional reputation and online presence, it is much easier to generate potential sales leads, especially when you are representing a niche market.

Prompt Customers for Online Reviews

Obtaining online reviews from satisfied customers is essential to grow and expand a business in any market or industry. Ask your brand’s followers on social media to share their review or testimonial on your Facebook page. Ask for reviews from satisfied customers on Google and Yelp, other services that help to promote small and growing businesses.

The more familiar you become with various marketing techniques available online, the less likely you are to overspend with any advertising budget you have set in place. Utilizing free and low-cost online marketing tools provides you with the ability to reach new customers while retaining current and former loyal shoppers.

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  1. Always ensure your social media pages appear professional using high-quality photos, graphics, and imagery to help better represent your business and brand

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