We Increased Our Social Sharing By 300%

Boost Social SharingWe must admit the fact that it’s exasperating to see other individuals getting lots of social media shares while you get nothing even though your content is greater. Social sharing buttons offer an incredible way of attracting more traffic to your website. Typically, the visitors to your business website share out blog posts to their social media timelines, and you end up getting more links to your site since more people see it elsewhere.

Before you even know it, you will be on top of Google and be enjoying ongoing traffic which will push your business forward. Recently we had small tweaks on our social sharing buttons, and we managed to increase our social sharing by 300%. Is it sounding too good to be true? Read on to discover how we achieved this significant milestone with simple tweaks.

Know Where to Position the Social Sharing Buttons

To boost social sharing, we had to relook at our site and figure out whether our social media buttons were strategically located. Although there is a heated debate over where you are supposed to add your buttons, we must admit that where you place your buttons can impact on their effectiveness. The best way to determine where you are supposed to put the buttons is examining your audience and relooking at your design.

For AddThis buttons, the most popular options are at the top, bottom and on the sidebar. We studied our visitors viewing pattern and came up with a heat map. The heat map will show you how people click on your website. Based on our heat map we moved our buttons to the inline of the top of every page and our social sharing increased by 300%.

For social media buttons, the favorite places where most people tend to put their buttons is before or after the content or sometimes floating to the left. We discovered that most of the visitors don’t scroll the content to the end so placing the buttons at the end of the content isn’t useful. Floating your buttons is more efficient since they stay fixed to the side of your content while visitors scroll, so it becomes impossible to miss them.

Learn to Optimize Your Presence

Don’t underestimate the overall amount of engagement that can be created through social media buttons. However, the most vital thing is to ensure that you are leveraging the engagement properly. One of the most excellent ways of gauging your social sharing campaign is by looking at the conversion rate. Your goal should be to gain a broad audience who are always comfortable with the content that they share and foster a long-lasting relationship with your business.

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