Facebook Advertising Tips – Tips For The Next Facebook Ad

Tips to Optimize Your Next Facebook Campaign

Tips To Optimize Your Next Facebook Campaign

Using Facebook to promote your company and brand is a way to maximize your reach when you have a specific target demographic in mind. Knowing how to properly optimize your next Facebook campaign can ultimately help reduce advertising spending while providing higher conversion rates for products and services you are promoting. 

Separate Mobile and Desktop Campaigns

When launching new Facebook ad campaigns it is essential to separate mobile and desktop promotions from one another. The newsfeed that appears on desktop versions of Facebook differs from the mobile version, which is why it is necessary to create two separate individual campaigns for each type of device being used. Testing multiple versions of each campaign you have in mind is also ideal for both mobile and desktop users to learn more about which type of promotion works best for your audience.

A/B Image Testing

When launching a new Facebook campaign it is always recommended to conduct A/B testing with different images to see which type of visual appeal works best for your audience. Try different color variations and design styles to develop your brand’s image while increasing your appeal to potential customers Trying multiple images with each campaign you launch provides insight that is extremely beneficial when moving forward with future campaigns and selecting the right photos and graphics to accompany your content.

Test Multiple Calls to Action

Choosing the best call to action can greatly increase conversion rates while drastically increasing the amount of interest you are capable of generating surrounding your business or brand. Test multiple calls to action with Facebook campaigns you launch to determine the best format for promoting the link you want to share along with the most effective method of communicating with your followers.  Understanding which language works best when appealing to your audience is essential when creating and launching any type of online campaign. If you are unsure of where to begin when creating calls to action for your campaigns, research your top competition and the marketing campaigns that resonate most with your audience.

Track Conversions With Each Individual Campaign

Facebook provides a conversion tracking tool that is available to anyone who is actively running a campaign using the platform. Tracking conversion rates can help to quickly optimize the current campaigns you have running to eliminate campaigns that are not effective or offer little to no conversions. Keeping an eye on the conversion rates of each of your campaigns helps avoid overspending on promotions that are not resonating with your target audience.

Get Specific With Targeting

Facebook Audience Targeting

Creating effective Facebook campaigns requires more than the ability to share a visually-appealing image or video to your audience. Get specific when creating new Facebook campaigns by putting various filters to use. Target a specific audience based on income, gender, location, or even specific interests that include keywords most relevant to your business and brand. Use one filter or multiple filters in separate campaigns to determine the method that works best when you want to maximize your reach and conversion rates.

By clicking “Audience Insights” once you are managing your Facebook ads, view more about your most profitable potential customers based on age, gender, location, and income. Target individuals who show the most interest in your campaigns and who also generate the most income, increasing the likelihood of leading to a conversion and generated income.

Try “Lookalike” Audiences

Once you are managing your current Facebook campaigns it becomes possible to view your “lookalike” audiences when managing each ad individually. Lookalike audiences are audiences that have similar interests and characteristics in common as those you are currently targeting. Using the “lookalike” audience feature is recommended once you have launched and tracked multiple campaigns to determine which audience is best for re-targeting for lookalike targeting.

Optimizing your next Facebook campaign is essential to make the most out of your brand’s online presence while solidifying a place in your market or industry. The more optimized your Facebook campaign is, the easier it becomes to gain essential insight about your followers along with their shopping preferences and habits. Each time you optimize a Facebook campaign you collect data that is even more accurate and relevant to your current followers and potential customers for even more success with future campaigns.

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