How to Write a Killer Blog that Won’t Bore

Exciting BlogBefore you hit publish, it is worth thinking about whether that couple of hours you spent writing your latest blog will really engage your readers. Creating a killer blog to drive bucket loads of traffic to your site is something that takes time. There are millions of bloggers writing about every niche and industry. Simply jumping on the blogging bandwagon won’t guarantee your content will be read, shared or linked to. Your blog needs to stand out from the crowd and say something that others just aren’t if you want to catch and retain their attention.

Here are a few things you should consider when crafting a killer blog:

Content Quality

Content quality is the first consideration when it comes to writing a blog that won’t bore your readers. However frequent your posts, if they are jammed full of mistakes or jar in the mind of the reader, it is unlikely that they will want to return, no matter how exciting your next title sounds. Your blog content needs to be well-written and easy to read, but it also needs to be appropriate for your target audience. If the quality of your content is high and your copy is appealing to your niche, you are already on your way to crafting a blog of value.

Scannable Content

Internet users want fast, easily digestible content that tells them exactly what they want to know in short, snappy copy. A good way to break up a lengthy boring blog is to make it scannable. Include subheadings between paragraphs to enable readers to get to the juicy stuff sooner rather than later. Highlight different sections with relevant images and infographics that help your readers to visualize your content and encourage them to read more.

Bullet Point Lists

Bullet point lists are a great way to capture the attention of your readers and tell them what they need to know quickly. They are also a good way of introducing lengthy copy in the form of a contents list. Ensure you link each bullet point to the appropriate section of your page to make it easier for readers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Series Posts

Series posts are useful for teasing your audience and maintaining their interest in your blog over time. A series of informative posts can help you to break up complicated topics for your readers into less daunting snippets. Create a content calendar to help you plan out series posts for when they will be most relevant and useful to your readers.

Title Crafting

Let’s be honest, the articles you tend to click read first are the ones with the most enticing titles. As a result, it makes sense to take the time to carefully craft your blog titles, not just in terms of making them search engine friendly but also naturally make searchers want to read more. However, be careful not to overhype your article when your content does not do it justice.


Controversy is not always a bad thing. You don’t want your blog to encourage a war between your readers but controversial issues are a great way to start healthy debate when done the right way. Don’t be afraid to state your point of view in your blog as long as it is aligned with your brand persona and target market. Give people something to talk about, ask them a question and make it clear that you are open to ideas from others as this will encourage engagement.

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  1. Noel says:


    I’ve been searching for methods that will increase the traffic of my blog. Your suggestions are very helpful. Thank you.

  2. Ras says:

    very well written. it does not means that lengthy post or frequently post will bring traffic but an eye catching post will definitely bring traffic.

  3. Creative11 says:

    Awesome post, a must read for all budding bloggers. Also having a blogging formula is a must do thing and the content shouldn’t be boringly log to read.

  4. Laptop Logo says:

    How can I make visitor attracted while launching a web developing tutorial blog? Specially I would like to get your suggestion for knowing the best way of writing codes in my blog which will be for practice.

  5. Dan Carter says:

    great article thanks

  6. Nick Suche says:

    Very cool article — totally agree with crafting a good title, as well as the list/bullet points; makes it easier for readers to share, and get a quick jolt of knowledge rather than a long winded boring article.


  7. Brilliant article – Titles and keywords are very important!

  8. The title of the article is intitially the most important factor.

  9. As users tend to scan pages rather than read them it’s often better to use short sentences and unordered lists.

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