How Effective is Your Landing Page?

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t overlook with search engine marketing, it’s your landing pages. Landing pages play a critical role in the process, and neglecting them is a recipe for disaster. Effective search engine marketing relies on three basic things: landing pages, keywords and bid optimization and creatives. Like many search engine marketers, a landing page’s content may be beyond your control. However, you can influence things by performing thorough, continual analyses and by providing facts-based strategies. At the very least, you need to generate regular quality score and conversion rate reports. With a few additional techniques, you can dramatically enhance your search engine marketing efforts. Learn more below.

Optimize Your Ad Groups

On the face of things, the keywords that are included in an ad group may seem very relevant to one another. Upon further analysis, however, this often turns out not to be the case after all. If the keywords in question aren’t quite related enough, the effectiveness of your landing pages will be diminished. Remedying this is fairly simple. You need to obtain the average quality score of each group. Next, you need to get the standard deviation of all of each group’s keyword quality scores. If the standard deviation is high, the keywords that point to one landing page are too disparate and should be split off in some way.

Of course, when you suggest splitting these keywords off, you’re likely to experience resistance. That’s where your data will come in handy. Have your numbers at the ready to prove your point. You’re more likely to get what you want by doing that.

Automated A/B Testing

The importance of A/B testing cannot be emphasized enough. Comparing your landing pages on a side-by-side basis is critical. A/B testing can be used to propel conversion rates and revenues per click. In turn, clicks can be split between several landing pages, reports on the ensuing results can be made and traffic distribution can be automatically optimized.

The goal here is to quickly detect statistically important results from various landing page changes and tweaks and to act upon them quickly. This kind of insight is absolutely invaluable, and it will make or break your search engine marketing efforts.

On the off-chance that you have direct control over landing page content, your work will be a little easier. You’ll be juggling all three balls, so to speak, but you’ll still need to prioritize the performance of your landing pages in order to achieve ongoing success.

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  1. A/B tests are really important, and it’s not just limited to just your landing pages. There are a lot of methods in the SEO industry that you can test to see which is going to be a lot more effective in your efforts. There are some who are using the concepts of A/B tests in email marketing, and they’ve come up with good ideas on how to make emails look a lot better on the potential clients’ end.

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