Social Media Rules of Engagement

When done well, social media can be a valuable tool to help small businesses engage customers, provide point-of-service help, boost, SEO, and promote goods and services. Getting started with social media outlets from Twitter to Facebook is as easy as entering in your business email and creating an account. It takes no more than five minutes. Once you’ve signed up, you’re on your own in that sea of social media. It’s up to you to sink or swim, and a flurry of poorly executed tweets could do more harm than good for your business. Use these social media rules of engagement as a start guide to get off on the right foot, and as a refresher course down the line.

1. Post With Purpose
No matter where you post, keep this as your cardinal rule: All posts need a purpose. Show off new product designs, pass on informative tips, or give a shout-out to happy users that have submitted photos. If you don’t know why you’re posting something, don’t post it, period. Haphazardly posting can make you look confused, which is never a good message to send your users.

2. Promote, Don’t Push
Pushy businesses won’t win social media fans. It’s fine to promote your business and products on social media, by posting pictures of items or tweeting about upcoming sales, for example. Avoid hard selling by creating a feed that’s all about your products with nothing else. Users will run in the other direction from this type of content. Social media is all about connection, so keep this in mind as you post.

3. Stay Alert and Bring Your A Game
Keep an eye on emerging social media outlets, then become an early adopter. Arriving to the party early gives you an edge on the competition. Your next customer could be anywhere. If this sounds daunting or overly time consuming, remember to bring your “A game” or find someone who can. Social media isn’t a simple task best left to an intern. It’s a powerful marketing vehicle that can help you promote your business and connect with fans.

4. Be Alert, and Gracious With Complaints
Monitor your social media presence regularly. Not only will this give you a better ear for where your customers are coming from, but it can help you put out a fire when someone complains. In case of a complaint, such as a tweet about a negative experience or a bad Yelp review, react early and graciously. Don’t get angry; this won’t help the situation. Offer to help the customer in any way you can, and try to follow up via email or private message to keep the complaint off of the social network.

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  1. way you can, and try to follow up via email or private message to keep the complaint off of the social network.

  2. search engine optimization says:

    Social media is really a good and quick source for small businesses. As you mention Facebook and tweeter are most famous social mediums. I like your detailed discussion on this topic. Keep informing us about such tricks to enhance small businesses. Thanks a lot.

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