Smart Tactics for Increasing Blog Traffic

1. Cover topics that require attention

Every niche has particular questions that are frequently asked, but rarely have conclusive answers. Whereas this recommendation can be helpful for most content based sites, it is particularly applicable with blogs. Invest the effort and time to research, compile and deliver, and you are guaranteed linkable content that will draw new subscribers and visitors.

2. Pay attention to analytics

Visitor tracking software can show you which posts your visitors like best, which ones are not viewed and how search engines are directing traffic. You can use these clues to act and improve your tactics. Feedburner is ideal for RSS. Action tracking can also be a great addition to your blog. This will enable you to see which sources of traffic are attracting the best quality visitors (in terms of number of page views, time spent on the site etc.).

3. Use a human voice

Charisma is a vital quality, both offline and online. In a blog, it is mainly judged by the voice presented to users. People like compassion, empathy, honesty and authority. Keep these in mind when writing and you are very likely to succeed. It is also vital that you remain humble in your blogging. When users begin feeling that a blog is losing its unique characteristics, they begin seeking new sources of content. Be careful to control not just what you say, but also how you say it.

4. Use smart URLs

Blog URLs should be as short as possible, and still contain enough clues for one to make a guess about the content likely to be found on the page. Having a short and relevant URL will significantly improve traffic to a blog.

5. Reveal as much as possible

In the blogosphere, you should feel free to share what might normally be considered private information. If you offer information that is usually private – pricing, trade secrets, contract issues or even harmless rumors, your blog can benefit greatly. Decide what is off-limits and see how far you can go within the limits. Your community will repay you with traffic and links.

6. Create expectations and fulfill them

When you are writing for your target audience, your post timing and area of focus will become linked with your individual style. If you deviate from that style, you run the risk of alienating readers who have been relying on you for particular data. Therefore, if your blog presents you as an analytical expert in your niche, you will need to deliver according to your readers expectations. This also applies to post frequency. If your blog usually publishes two posts per day, reducing this to two posts per week will have an adverse effect on traffic.

7. Build a brand

One of the most vital elements in blogging is brand building. A great brand is one which people are proud to associate themselves with. Insider jokes, exclusivity and emails with regulars may put off new readers, but can be great for sharing common brand experiences with loyal readers. Once you establish a brand that works for you, stick with it. Breaking the mould will result in severe repercussions.

Author Bio

Charles Mburugu is a professional content developer and an entrepreneur. He often writes about real estate, finance, business start-ups and internet marketing. In the past few weeks he has been writing for blogs where you can get the latestΒ Network Solutions promo codes.

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17 Responses to Smart Tactics for Increasing Blog Traffic

  1. pcman says:

    are these techniguea apples to all websites or only blogs

  2. edward says:

    Really like your lens, wishing you all best πŸ™‚
    I will try it!!!

  3. Swaib K.K says:

    I wonder how short or long this smart URL should be!! Any number of character suggestion? thank you for sharing this info.

  4. Cristi says:

    You are right but how can anyone find you blog if is not listing anywhere??/is difficult to create a good blog whithout any ,,help” from Big GOOGLE.COM πŸ˜€

  5. Brian says:

    Some good tips. I’m still learning about blogs

  6. Steve says:

    Its not easy to find this kind of highly valuable, useful and helpful blogging information. Simple, easy and friendly content. Follow these smart blogging tips and your traffic numbers will skyrocket.
    This is what is known as cutting edge content. Great stuff and I like it!

  7. Brian says:

    Finding out what the questions are can be a bit tricky, but some sources for that kind of information are Google analytics and Google Websmaster tools. You can look at the keywords and search queries that brought you impressions for your site.

    Its good to then build on those phrases and put posts in place for the keywords and enquiries you are already getting impressions for so that you can convert more impressions into click through’s to your site.

  8. Thank you. I appreciate the information.

  9. Flygreen says:

    Sounds trivial but indeed, that are the main points regarding increasing blog traffic. Fine summarised.

  10. Scott says:

    I hear the human voice one. I see so many sites in my area of work that are just content farms with computer generated text.
    it must be so frustrating for the average person search and they keep getting sites full of nothing much.

    go the humans! and go genuine content what the internet used to be!

  11. aming says:

    I agree very much for this tactics..

  12. I think these are some really good points for when someone is on your blog and keeping them as a follow but I struggle with getting them there in first place, ie driving traffic to the blog

  13. nice suggestions and i like number 3 because at the end of the day, your blog is you in way.

    i also pay attention with web analytics especially and google page rank.

  14. Wow!Thanks for sharing with us this post.This is a great list. You have really spent some time to provide your readers with quality content.I think 6th point is most important. Blog readers expect fresh and unique content to be posted regularly to their favorite blogs.

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