Local Search, The “No Website Option”

As you would all be well aware by now I’m a big fan of local search, What better way to target local business from the web. I also am a big fan of figures so here is one for you:

“The Kelsey Group reports that 74 percent of Internet users perform local searches”

I am on my soapbox preaching the benefits of local search, it seems to
fall on deaf ears much of the time. Perhaps because many local shop
front businesses still don’t have a web presence. I was talking with my
hardware shop owner Sam yesterday the discussion went like this:

“I like the idea of it Matt… but I don’t have a website”


Local search i.e. Google Local Search
supports listings minus a website. You can list your business within
the local search results of Google; include your contact details, phone
number and description etc, it’s like a yellow pages listing.

told that you can also do local search listings through Yellow etc
though I’d highly recommend doing these directly with the engine,
enabling you to optimize the listing further for search)

all this sounds great I hear you say?! Well, think of it this way –
you’re sitting at home and feel like a pizza, need a local car wash or
to book dinner at the local Thai Restaurant. Simply jump on Google and
search for pizza, carwash or Thai Restaurant in your local area. The
results include the name of the company, contact details, location,
open times and more often than not reviews.

google local search pizza

Finally, the icing
on the cake, your local business listing will also be visible in the
main search engine results page. Google is smart enough to know when
people are looking for a local product to display local search results
in the main search results page.

So for ‘Sam’ and the other non
– believers, local search is a highly valuable tool that we should all
be using no matter what your business is; corner store, coffee shop or
corporate bank chain, its the cost of a bag of nuts – optimize and
complete your local business listing today!

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15 Responses to Local Search, The “No Website Option”

  1. Local search is a powerful tool for the small business owner. To rank at the top of local search it takes a little more effort than “just listing your business” on Google. It requires careful research of keywords, your competition, and a well crafted business listing title and description. The addition of video, photos, coupons, and reviews really provides additional mojo for the listing. It is free but it helps to spend a little extra time and thought so you see immediate results. Get Found Now-Local Search Secrets Exposed (on Amazon) is a solid how to book that shows step by step methods for ranking first on local search. The screen shots and discussion make it easy to implement.

  2. Terri says:

    I found your article on listing your company with Google Local Search interesting and decided to give it a try; only problem is as is the case many times the country where my business is located (Egypt)is not listing in the countries to choose from drop down menu. I went through the trouble to set up my account and when it came to entering the address for my business I ran into a wall. I find this very frustating as it seems many companies tend to disregard most middle east countries . . . I can’t help to wonder why this is. Any suggestions or even a simple explanation would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Doug says:

    The moment I was aware of Google’s local business listing option, I listed my business. They send a post card in the mail to confirm your address. Enter the code on the post card (on google in the right box), and you’re listed!
    Our listing:
    Active Kids Gymnastics, Mason City IA
    This listing did not come up number one when I searched for gymnastics mason city, because the previous business was listed. I’m not sure how to “un-list” a google business. Any suggestions?

  4. Addme says:

    Hi Doug,
    I believe you can edit and delete listings from within the Google Local Business Center. Failing that contact their support department?

  5. Addme says:

    Hi Terri,
    My initial thoughts are, Google are yet to roll out all local search features in every region of the world.
    Typically the US comes first then UK and other countries soon follow.

  6. Bob Morgan says:

    My use of Local Google is different from most folks, but may be of interest to someone. I use Local Google as a qualifier for getting a free landing page on my promotional site. To some degree I am covering myself legally by only re-publishing personal information that a business has published on Local Google, name, address, etc The content that a business has given me to inhance their keyword search on Google, etc is not all that personal.

  7. Addme says:

    interesting use of Google Local, truly a untapped source of traffic and information. I’d be interested to hear more about what you’re doing…

  8. Local listings needs alot of improvements.

  9. I like the new repair feature in local business centre.

  10. How local business listing work in google search, nobody knows.

  11. How local business listing work in google search, nobody knows.

  12. How local business listing work in google search, nobody knows.

  13. Local search can be beneficial for the local area business.But for the online business community its cant be more effective as they also hace clients of other areas.

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