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Drive your website traffic through the roof with search engine optimization and submission. Just like a “bricks and mortar” business, marketing and promotion is the key to increase phone calls, foot traffic and sales!

The best way to increase sales and leads from your website is via web traffic. Website traffic comes from a variety of sources on the internet, blogs, forums, email, partner websites and search engines –just to name a few.

Website Traffic = Search Engine Traffic

One of the most effective forms of internet traffic from a captive audience is search engine traffic.

We should all be familiar with how a search engine works these days, a potential customer goes to a search engine, enters in a keyword or phrase relating to the product they are looking for and click the “search” button. What happens next is where the magic happens and where we all want to be – a search results page appears with listings of websites that offer this product.

Getting into the search engine results page is key to building web traffic, the first 3 – 5 positions within the search engines results page are going to attract the most amounts of clicks, further down the page and following pages traffic from the engine drops off dramatically.


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Drive Search Engine Traffic to Your Website

Clearly, search engines such as Google are an excellent source for traffic to your website, however, search engine submissions do not guarantee your website instant traffic.

Another proven way of quickly delivering quality web traffic to your website is via paid search programs like Google adwords. This option is a quick and proven way of opening the traffic tap on your website, however, running adwords campaigns takes time, and often a lot of money.

The following is a proven way of driving paid traffic to your website, proven to be more cost effective than Google Adwords. We highly recommend the Trellian Direct Search Program. Quality keyword intent-driven traffic. Trellian’s Direct Search Network is marketing platform that redirects highly targeted unique visitors from Google straight to your website
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