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Whether your company conducts its business online or in a brick and mortar store, a website is something you should invest in. The internet is the main resource to find businesses, products and information. At the bare minimum, most businesses will want a simple, one page website with contact and other company information on it. The concern most businesses have is how to get the right website to suit their needs.

Most businesses do not need an extravagant website with all the bells and whistles, but most will want something with enough personality to make it memorable to visitors. For those not needing a complex design, ready-made website templates are likely to be the answer.

Website Templates Explained

A website template is a pre-designed page that only needs content to be filled in and ready for launch. Images, written content, videos and even widgets can often be placed in the template to customize the feel without having to write any code.

Most templates come in the form of a theme that is compatible with a content management system, or CMS. The most common CMS, WordPress, has thousands of different themes that range from extremely rigid in their layouts, to more flexible frameworks with extensive design options.

While a CMS is a popular option for most novice webmasters, there are standalone HTML templates that can help you accomplish your web design goals. HTML templates come in all types of designs – ranging from simple to elaborate and everything in between.

Prime Candidates to Use a Website Template

Almost everyone could benefit from using a website template. Those with little or no coding knowledge are the most likely to require the use of ready-made templates. Even those with design and coding experience may do well to start with a website template that they can then edit and customize according to their needs.

Templates are also ideal for many startups and small businesses that have limited funding for web design and promotion. Custom designs take a long time to develop, often require more maintenance than ready-made templates, and can cost several hundred dollars for just a basic design.

How Templates Benefit Business Owners and Marketers

The biggest benefit for an online start up or internet marketer, aside from affordability, is the speed and ease of implementation. Image is everything, especially online. A clean and easy to use website appeals to users and helps to establish a company’s brand as reliable and useful.

For internet marketers selling information, the more time they have to fiddle with code to get a blog’s design right, the less time they have to write articles and develop new products. Templates allow businesses to focus on making money, not website development.

Every Business Is Different

For some businesses, an elaborate design and functionality may be necessary. Others will need to streamline their operations and choose a website template that is basic and ready to go. Whatever route a business goes, there is an endless number of templates to choose from as a starting point.


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