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Search Engine Optimization Software: if you put in the time you can save yourself thousands of dollars doing SEO yourself.

Average SEO costs per month can be around the $2000 mark, not much for big business but can be a huge part of the marketing budget for a small to medium business. SEO needs to be done as it is one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site. And as recent reports suggest 85% of people search online before making a purchase, so you need to have as much exposure in the online market place as possible.

Why does SEO cost so much? It is the man hours and expertise that you are paying for, and as the online market gets more cluttered and competitive, their skills become even more important.

However there is a way around the costs of having to employ an SEO expert, but it is dependent on how much time and commitment you have to the need for optimizing your site.

Many SEO and SEM firms use a variety of software tools that speed up the optimization process saving them hours of on and off page optimization. Granted some of these software tools can be little complex, they do often have online tutorial and support people to help you through the process.

Doing a search on Google for “SEO tools” you will return hundreds of results, some sites offer free trials, demonstration downloads, others ask for a donation and the many are free. The problem is where do you start? Which of these software tools should you be using?

I have put together some of my favourites, they are all software packages that I have used to optimize sites.

Below is a list of SEO tools and software that should get you on track:

SEO Software

SEO ToolKit

Trellian’s SEO Toolkit is packed with valuable tools and detailed reporting modules that empower you to manage multiple website optimization projects, features include rank checker, keyword explorer, meta tag editor, sitemap generator and more…


This tool is another software application that needs to be installed on your PC. The iBusinessPromoter comes packed with a swag of tools for web page optimization and reporting on a SEO project.

Free SEO Toolbar

Save time with this feature packed free SEO Toolbar. IE Toolbar version and Firefox Extension.

Search Engine Keyword and Browser Software

Google Keyword Tool

Keyword research is the bedrock of any SEO project and using more than one keyword tool is highly recommended. Google provide a nice simple keyword research tool that should get you on your way to search engine optimization nirvana.

Keyword Discovery

This powerful keyword research tool, combined with the above free keyword tool makes a powerful SEO tool duo. Free accounts are available though I recommend that you upgrade and pay for a subscription.

Google Webmaster Tools

This free tool gives you valuable insight into what Google see’s when viewing your site, reporting on what pages have been indexed and also how Google should handle your website as well as other data that can help optimize your pages.


Thanks to Dave Davies, outlined here are a group of SEO tools that when combined with FireFox web browser give you even further detail on what happening with your site and how best to optimize your web pages.


This search engine submission service is backed by leading search engine software provider Trellian. Though last in the list this should be your first choice when beginning to optimize your website, search engine submission is the quickest way to drive traffic to your site, combine this tool with the other suggested SEO softwares above and you will be soon swamped with valuable search engine traffic.

The above software tools will rate highly with many professional SEO firms and are simple to use so don’t be shy, check them out today and begin optimizing your website for the much needed traffic boost.

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