Reviews Case Study: Chisholm & Gamon

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About Chisholm & Gamon

A boutique real estate agents group, Chisholm & Gamon, were seeking a competitive advantage to attract more customers using their services.

Their research suggested that:

  • 78% of customers trust online reviews before contacting the business
  • 64% of customers referred to a real estate agent would read the agents reviews before engaging

Chisholm & Gamon lacked online reviews in two of the most popular web platforms, Google and Facebook. The most effective way for them to grow their reviews was to simply ask their customers for feedback. To successfully manage online reviews it is important to have a plan in place to manage and gather meaningful reviews.

However, collecting and managing the reviews was challenging

  • No automation
  • Multiple links to review pages
  • Unable to manage poor reviews
  • Unable to promote customer reviews on their website
  • No central reporting for all reviews and office locations
  • No cost effective way to send out review invites via email and SMS

Chisholm & Gamon chose AddMe Reviews to help with their review management.

The Keys To Their Success

  • Embed the review requests into their sales process
  • Link to review page in thank you documents
  • Provide a simple platform to collect the reviews
  • Direct reviews to their chosen platforms (Google and Facebook)
  • An engaged property management and sales team

Final Results

Since working with the team at Chisholm & Gamon, AddMe Reviews have been able to increase their positive review volumes significantly. Chisholm & Gamon grew their reviews from 18 to 62 in the first 2 weeks and increased their average star rating on Google from 4.1 stars to 4.7 stars.

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Chisholm & Gamon Online Review Averages
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Customer Testimonial

Since working with Matt and the team at AddMe Reviews, we’ve seen a massive uplift in positive reviews for our business. We believe our Google and Facebook reviews have attributed to the number of inbound enquiries our offices are receiving.

Jackie Sommers

General Manager

Chisholm & Gamon

AddMe Can Help Your Business

AddMe Reviews can help all businesses achieve great results regarding their online reviews. Anyone interested in the AddMe Reviews platform can simply request a demo of our software in action and hear directly from one our experts. Online business reviews can certainly lead to success in today’s digital world and this form of word of mouth marketing is beginning to become vital for business growth.