Google Page Rank

What is Page Rank?

Page Rank is a link ranking algorithm measured between 0 – 10 introduced by Google. As many of us would believe it is called Page Rank due to how Google views your webpage, how many links point to the page etc, thus how Google ranks your page.
It was called Page Rank after one of the founders of Google, Larry Page.

How is Page Rank calculated?

Putting it very simply, Page Rank is calculated by the volume of links that point to and from a webpage, the greater volume of websites pointing to your WebPages the higher the Page Rank.

Where Did Page Rank Come From?

Page Rank was first developed at Stanford University by Larry Page and later Sergey Brin, the co founders of Google. Development of the project began in 1995 and soon became Google, the search engine power house we know today.

Check You Page Rank

Checking your Google Page Rank is very simple, a variety of tools exist on the web today such as SEO toolbars and online tools to check Page Rank from multiple data centers. Both sources are a great way to check how your site is comparing to the competition.

Google Data Center Page Rank

Google page rank is calculated from a variety of different data centers. This can often be why from time to time page rank figures fluctuate.

To help identify why there may be a fluctuation (often due to a page rank update) we have developed a tool with the ability to check multiple Google data centers for page rank and identify possible updates.

The tool will query multiple data centers for the page rank of the suggested URL returning your results in a easy to ready interface.

How to Increase Page Rank?

The best way to increase your Page Rank is ensure high ranking web pages link to your web page and volume. The more pages linking to your website will also help increase your Page Rank, bringing your pages from 0 all the way to a Page Rank of 10 (the highest value).

Google Page Rank Tools

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