Posted on September 14, 1999

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            >> Technical Difficulties <<

  September 14th, 1999                   *** ISSUE #60 ***

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             .....TODAY'S ARTICLE.....

              Technical Difficulties

  By Chris Small

  Recently we experienced some serious technical difficulties. 
  Serious enough that we were not able to publish to our website 
  or ezine for several days. To an Internet Marketing company, 
  that is like having a storefront but not being able to get in 
  and serve the customers.
  To resolve these technical difficulties we had to install some 
  new hardware and reinstall a lot of our faithful programs. 
  During this process we were reminded of many basic maintenance 
  procedures that should be practised regularly. While we have 
  done most of these on occasion and some of them when we thought 
  necessary, none of them had been done consistently. 

  Now, just so you know, we have been involved in the repair 
  and servicing of computers and related hardware since 1989, 
  and consider ourselves to be reasonably familiar with most 
  of the mainstream software on the market today. However, just 
  like the cobblers barefoot children we allowed our own 
  equipment to be neglected. So please do take these suggestions 
  seriously and start implementing them now. We certainly will.


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  First off, always, always, have a backup system for your 
  data. Use a zip drive, tape backup, writable CD ROM, second 
  hard drive, even the ancient but dependable floppy disks. 
  However you choose to do it HAVE A BACKUP SYSTEM! You just 
  can't afford not to. Actually, you should have two backups. 
  One stored near the computer that is accessible to correct 
  those frustrating losses of data, and a second one stored 
  offsite. Seems logical, but you'd be surprised at how many 
  companies face certain disaster if there was a fire, flood 
  or break in.

  Secondly, have your equipment serviced yearly (or more often 
  in dirty environments). That means having someone open it up 
  and clean out the dust, reseat the connections, lubricate the 
  fan, and generally check things over. This alone can prevent 
  major grief. One of the things that happened to us was that 
  the fan seized up and caused overheating. A few dollars of 
  prevention will save many dollars in repairs and hours of 

  When you want to get rid of a program, don't go in to the 
  file manager and delete the files. Use the uninstall feature 
  that comes with the program or your Operating System (ie: 
  Windows). Most programs make some changes to your config.sys, 
  autoexec.bat or Win.ini or other setup files. Just deleting 
  the program files will not remove these changes. Plus there 
  are usually other hidden files lurking about on your hard 
  drive that you just can't find with normal file managers.

  Run a disk defragment and scandisk program frequently. Once 
  a week is normally sufficient. This will keep your hard 
  drive in optimum condition. 

  Of course you want to be using a current virus scan program 
  and continually update it. We use McAffee's WebScanX. Norton 
  Utilities also has an excellent product.

  If you leave your computer on 24/7, as we do, you will have 
  to restart it occasionally to clear the memory. 

  There are many other things that you do to keep your systems 
  in tip top shape but these are the main ones that can prevent 
  the most grief. 

  Chris Small is a cyber entrepreneur and host of the very 
  successful 'World Deal Center'. He may be reached at His main website is 

  Chris invites you to sample his ezine The �World of Deals' 
  for FREE. To receive your copy just send an email with 
  "Subscribe World of Deals" in the subject... or go to and enter 
  your email address.

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