Posted on November 30, 1998

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    November 30, 1998                    Newsletter #7
    This week's article:       Fun with Search Engines
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             .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....
               Fun with Search Engines
    It never ceases to amaze me, the misconception that 
    search engines are the cure all for gaining more 
    traffic to your site.  Now I'm not saying they're 
    not important, but rather a piece of the pie in a 
    well thought out marketing plan.
    There are a number of things one can do to make 
    sure your site is ready for indexing by the engines 
    before submitting  it.  First of all, get rid 
    of the  "under construction" signs. Make sure 
    the site is pretty well complete and offers 
    interesting content. If you send a site up before 
    it is ready to be viewed by the public, with 
    lack of content and signs promising material in 
    the future, odds are you'll lose those visitors 
    forever. Give people a reason to visit your site 
    besides the fact that you have one.
    When it comes to search engines no two function 
    in the same manner. They all play by a different 
    set of rules, but here is a list of general 
    indexing practices that you should perform on 
    your pages to get them ready for listing. 
    1. The first 25 words on the page are the most 
    crucial for indexing
    2. Make good use of title tags, they are very 
    important and should include your business name 
    and a few primary key words that are related to 
    your site. Try to keep the size down to 40 characters 
    or less.
    3. Meta Tags-  Some engines use them, some ignore 
    them, but you really need to include them on all of 
    your pages. There are two primary attributes, 
    keywords and descriptions.  Do not repeat keywords 
    more than 5 or 6 times as some of the engines will 
    penalize you for it. The length should not exceed 
    1000 characters.
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      A meta tag that is used by all spiders to guarantee 
    your site will be reindexed at regular intervals looks 
    like this
    This tag tells the spiders to come back and reindex 
    every 15 days. If you only update the site once a 
    month change the 15 to 30. If you update daily or 
    weekly leave the number at 15. If you need help 
    writing Meta Tags visit
    While there you really should sign up for their Free 
    newsletter, it contains a lot of valuable content to 
    help you in your search engine quests.
    Another useful Meta Tag that will make sure the 
    spiders index not only everything on your page but 
    follow all of the links on it include this tag on 
    every page 
    If the thought of going through your site and inserting 
    all of these tags doesn't thrill you, and why would it, 
    there is plenty of software that can be downloaded for 
    Free that will do the work for you. One that I recently 
    used and really liked is Tag-Gen 2.0 download it at 
    If you're confused as to which search engines you 
    should submit to here is a list of the current major 
    players in the game.
    This is one of the most difficult engines to get 
    listed in
    AOL NetFind
    This is a branded version of excite
    Utilizes Meta Tags
    Uses all kinds of Meta Tags and getting listed is easy
    Lycos places  more weight in the full text of your 
    document, and looks at Meta Tags
    Does not take advantage of Meta Tags, utilizes keywords 
    someone might type in to find your site.
    Not really an engine but a very important directory 
    and the hardest one to get listed in. Puts the most 
    relevance on the title and comments you provide
    Remember your listings won't show up overnight allow 
    4 to 8 weeks for your pages to surface in the engines. 
    With the millions of new web pages being put up daily 
    it takes time to get them all indexed.
    By getting your pages ready for the search engines 
    before sending them up you'll obtain a much higher 
    placement, and that's exactly what the game is all 
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