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  January 20th, 1999		   *** ISSUE #11 ***



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           .....THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE.....

          Promoting your Ezine/Newsletter

  Offering up an ezine on your Web Site is one of
  the most powerful marketing techniques on the Web
  today. If you have a Web Site and aren't putting
  out a complimentary ezine, you're missing out on a
  great way to keep in touch with your visitors to
  your site. 

  When people sign up for your newsletter that is
  called "opt in"marketing. It is not Spam since
  they are requesting this Free information from
  you.They are freely giving you their Email address
  in exchange for helpful or useful information you
  will provide to them in the form of an ezine.

  One tip, never sell the list of email addresses
  you collect and make sure you state next to your
  subscription form on your site that "email
  addresses are held in complete privacy". Spam is
  bad, and you want to make sure the guests to your
  Web site feel secure about signing up for your

  The first thing you're probably thinking is that
  you don't have the first clue as to how to write a
  newsletter. What will you put in it? How do 
  you get subscribers? Don't worry with all of the
  free information available on the Net there is
  plenty of information out there to be used.
  You'll even find plenty of people who are willing
  to write articles for you, in exchange for a small
  byline with a link to their Web site.

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  Visit GetHits, the number one source for website 
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  If you search the Web long enough you will find
  plenty of sites that offer Free articles on all
  kinds of subjects, yours for the taking. If you
  post to a few good discussion lists you'll have so
  much content you won't know where to put it all.
  Here are a few sites where you will find Free

  Gary Lockwood's Site BizSuccess/ Offers a list of
  Free Reports for business owners, or entrepreneurs
  visit his site at

  JV Marketeer/ 100's of articles on a variety of
  subjects, go to

  Another tremendous idea that really works is to
  contact other ezine owners who may have articles
  you can publish, or who may want to exchange ads
  with you.

  The next part is to gain subscribers you do this
  by posting the information about your
  newsletter/ezine to various directories that exist
  for just this purpose. Make it a point to visit
  them and register your newsletter. Some will
  send you more subscribers than others, but you
  should sign up with as many as possible since
  every little bit helps. A few of the better ones
  are:  This is a Email publishers
  resource center  The Ezine about Ezines.

  If you take ads on your newsletter visit

  John Labovitz'sEzine

  600 Plus Ezines

  Todd Kuiper's Email zine List

  LinkFinder Ezines

  Posting to the appropriate newsgroups can grow
  your list in leaps and bounds. Send email to
  NEW-LIST@LISTSERV.NODAK.EDU before posting you 
  might want to visit
  This particular one worked well for me, but you
  need to be careful when posting to Newsgroups that
  what you're posting is appropriate,you don't want
  to be flamed. There are many other ways to promote
  your site, offering to give all new subscribers
  one free ad in your newsletter is another. For
  even more tips visit

  Gaining subscribers is an everyday job. You must
  promote a little bit everyday, every chance you
  get. Once your subscriber base grows large enough
  then you can charge for advertising space, and
  that my friend is money in the bank.

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