Six Things You Can Do to Increase Your Repeat Traffic Today

Posted on November 12, 1999

by Chris Wary

Where do you think most webmasters get their traffic from? Search engines? No. Free For All Links Pages? No. Classified Ads? Not even close. Fact is, most webmasters get their traffic from bookmarks. In other words, repeat visitors. If you need proof, just head over to and look under the referrers section. You'll notice that bookmarks are #1 by a long shot. So, you ask, how do I get people to bookmark my site? Below are some tips for attracting repeat customers to your site.

Have good content on your site--People are more likely to bookmark your site if it contains good quality content that's of use to them. Think about it, would you visit a site that was just a bunch of banners more than once?

Update often--Your site should be updated on a regular basis, like daily or weekly. Visitors will check back often for new content on your site. If there is no new content from when they visited two months ago, they may click away, never to return.

Put reminders on your site to bookmark it--On every page of your site put in bold print, "press control + D to bookmark this site" or "Don't forget to bookmark this site". With so many websites out there, how else are people supposed to remember to bookmark your site?

Own and operate an opt-in email newsletter--If there is one thing in this whole article you must do to attract visitors to your site, this is it. there are many services that offer to host your list for free, so there is no excuse why you shouldn't be doing it. The benefits of owning a newsletter are huge. All your visitors do is put their email address in a form and they get emails from you. This is the biggest sources of repeat traffic on the net. Remember to put good content in your newsletter. If it's just a bunch of ads or links to your site, people will unsubscribe as quickly as they subscribed.

Put a recommending service on your site--This is another good source of traffic. You can turn your repeat visitors into new traffic. My favorite of these services is Recommend-It. Not only is it free, fast, and versatile, every time a person recommends your site, they are entered in a contest to win a Palm V.

Add interactive content to your site--Adding interactive content to your site is very easy to do, but it will lure people back to your site for a long time. An example of this is a message board. With a message board, people come to your site and post messages to it, checking back every few days for new messages or replies to theirs. Other examples are a chat room, a small Java or Javascript game, a news ticker, or a free email service. There are many, many services like this available for free, just do a search on any search engine for free webmaster resources.

There you have it. If you do these six things that I have listed here, you should see an increase in the traffic to your site within the next few weeks. There are many other ways to attract customers to your site besides those listed here though. Be creative and think up of your own. Remember, the more novel and interesting they are, the more people that will be interested and come back.

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