Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing in traditionally the promotion of a service or product via email, such services and products can be anything from search engine optimisation tools, holiday promotions or even data harvesting via the form of a survey.

One of the oldest forms of internet marketing on the web, marketing a product via email is still very effective and highly powerful, providing you are using the right tools.

As the internet and more importantly email evolves, so must email marketing. Ensuring that your email does not trigger spam filters and can be read in ALL email clients is of the utmost importance.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

When initiating your email marketing campaign you need the following:

The Product

Generally products that require little thought when purchasing will perform better, the audience will find it easier to justify the purchase and less research is required.

Products that can be delivered online are going to be the fastest moving item, no wait time and the customer receives instant satisfaction.
A good example of this could be purchasing “Professional Search Engine Submission Service” the user can sign up and complete the process in a matter of minutes.

Search Engine Submission

The Email

This is the integral part of the campaign; the email needs to relay the message to the audience – encouraging them to act on your advice then and there.

You need to ensure that the email is short and punchy, avoid emails that are to big in size e.g. If the audience needs to scroll down the email to get the full message the email is to big!

Make sure that you have between 2 and 4 areas in the email where the user can click through to complete the transaction, generally a link at the top of the email (for the spontaneous shopper) and a link at the end of the email (for the fastidious buyer)

Ensure that the email does not use too many images; many email clients nowadays block images from unknown recipients. If you are an unknown recipient and your message is contained within images – you risk losing the audience as images may not be loaded in the email.

Finally, be careful about the copy you use in the email, avoid using terms like “Free” these can often trigger strict spam filers, thus sending your email into the spam folder!

Email Address List

Depending on the volume of traffic that already goes to your site you may have a decent size list that you can send this offer to.

Failing this you may want to look at purchasing an email list. Depending on where you get this list from they can be very effective and targeted. The benefit here is that you can attract a new audience to your website thus increasing members and expanding the reach of your products. offer a solo blast email campaign product to help promote your products.

Email Marketing Software

Assuming that you have a list of thousands of address to send your email to you will need some form of software that can send these emails.

There is a variety of solutions out there that can mate sending bulk emails very simple. Some solutions can run from your desktop via outlook and other email client plug-ins. Others operate standalone and can be very effective.

The draw back with these solutions is often tracking, they simply send the email and often will not report back to you how the campaign went i.e. how many were successfully sent, how many failed etc.

Managed online email marketing solutions will often not only allow you to send the email to your selected list, but report on its success thus giving you a deep insight into the success of the campaign.

Some email marketing solutions will also track links clicked on, how many times the email was opened, if it was forwarded etc This then give you a much clearer insight into the campaign, enabling you to micro manage your campaigns at a later date.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Your message is sent directly to the audience mailbox, you are effectively in their face.

Depending on the data you have within your mailing list you have the ability to greet each audience member thus giving the email campaign a personal touch.

Using the correct email marketing solutions you can easily measure the effect of your marketing campaign. Combining this with targeted landing pages gives you entire control over the audience experience.

Whether your email list comes from a third party or your own list compiled from your website forms. It will be targeted; the audience that subscribe to this list are a captive audience that has requested to hear about specific products and services.

Email marketing is one of the oldest means of marketing products and services on the internet, granted some of the rules have changed though the fundamentals are all still the same.

Keep it snappy, qualify your list, try and use software that reports back to you the success of the campaign and keep testing.

Recommended Email Marketing Services

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